Highlines is a three piece alt./rock band that executes powerful choruses and passionate songwriting skills. With smart, well crafted songs and a kean pop sensibilty...there are few audiences they could not appeal to.


Since forming HIGHLINES in 2006 in Los Angeles, CA, Louisiana natives Johnny Clancy and Derek DeBlieux along with Danny Prince from San Diego decided the road was the best place to hone their live performances. While still in California Highlines took time in early 2007 to go into the famed Sunset Sound Studios and 4th Street Studio to record their debut album. Soon after, the group made its way to Louisiana where they have been gaining fans and focusing on their music. “Walking” the first cut on the debut album became a quick fan favorite and head stayed in the top 40 songs on some of the college radio stations.
HIGHLINES was chosen as one of only fifty bands nationwide to receive Taco Bell’s 2007 “Feed The Beat!” promotion where touring bands are provided meals for their tour. HIGHLINES were awarded prizes as a Top 50 Band for the NYC Live2.0! sponsored by the Digital Café Tour in 2007. HIGHLINES didn’t slow down in 2008 playing at SXSW music festival in Austin, TX and other well known venues throughout the South. HIGHLINES was recognized as one of the top 4 rock bands in the Baton Rouge area for 2008. HIGHLINES continues to make their mark as they were the 2009 SXSW Gorillafest music festivals top band. HIGHLINES continues to tour extensively and have always gained fans and accolades at the venue’s they play.
HIGHLINES will release their second CD, “17 Reasons To Skip Town” in June of 2009 and it is sure to impress the labels, fans and supporters. The band worked at Nail Bender Studio’s in Louisiana to complete this latest CD and used a very hands on approach to get the sound they felt the fans will love.
We all have separate, crazy, wonderful, chaotic lives and yet we always stay on track with the help of friends, fans, opportunities and the common goal that surrounds us and that is to continue and finish what we have started. We are learning more and more about this business, each other and our own lives every day and realize that there is still a long road to travel, but as long as people are listening we will give all we can in the studio, on stage and as people and as a band.


Debut Self-titled Album released in May 2007.
17 Reasons To Skip Town-June 2009

Set List

Set list is 30-60 mins.

Awaiting October
Slow Down
Pick Up The Pieces
Wide Eyed
Chasing Daylight
Dressed To Kill
Gasp For Air
Past Few Years
Strop City
The Culprit
Running on Empty Now