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High Octane/William Cooley

Bristol, Rhode Island, United States | SELF | AFM

Bristol, Rhode Island, United States | SELF | AFM
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"High Octane"

High Octane
Rockabilly, a fusion of Blues and and up-tempo R & B, was one of the original forms of Rock N’ Roll, and is best witnessed (in its infancy) in the early recordings of Bill Haley and Elvis Presley. The style, characterized by twangy guitar lines, spare, visceral drumming, and percussive stand-up bass lines, later grew to absorb the rawer elements of Country, with musicians like Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and the inimitable Johnny Cash moving it forward down new avenues of popularity.
As much a musical style as a personal aesthetic (signified by pompadour hairstyles and slick ‘50s fashions), Rockabilly failed to generate record sales by the beginning of the ‘60s, but a few groups from the early ‘80s, in search of synth-freedom, breathed new life into the genre, the most popular being the Stray Cats.
Any comparison to Brian Setzer and Co. is bound to be made in introducing Winter Park’s High Octane, but the propulsive tunes they play aren’t a mere rehashing of old sounds. Comprised of William Cooley (guitar and vocals), Charlie Zayas (bass and vocals), and drummer Stephen “Atomic Clock” Plotnick, High Octane carry on the august, and very energetic Rockabilly tradition by emphasizing the style’s buried roots. With Zayas and Plotnick having played with Central Florida bands like Rocket 88, the Midnight Ramblers and the Hindu Cowboys and Cooley’s involvement in several swing and big band orchestras, the trio bring rare energy and a sense of professionalism to the stage. What they create together is both swingingly familiar and stompingly all their own. - The Beachside Resident

"Fat Tuesday Music"

High Octane: While focusing on Rockabilly, High Octane draws heavily from other styles, including Blues, Country and Swing to create their own unique sound. The result is a band and set list that is hard to classify into one musical genre, but that seems to please a diverse crowd wherever the group performs. Older patrons will recognize such favorites as Elvis and the Stray Cats, and younger fans will be wondering what they have been missing. As they continue to make appearances around the state of Florida, the band is working on their next full album. With three talented musicians, energy, and drive, High Octane generates enthusiasm everywhere they perform. By the time the last notes die away, audiences are on their feet dance and shouting for more. High Octane will kick off our Fat Tuesday party at 5:00pm! - Wall Street Plaza Journal


High Octane
Self Titled Album
Release Oct 10 2004
Ten Original Songs
1. High Octane
2. There's A New Cat In Town
3. Let Me Know
4. Just-A-Rockin'
5. Lockdown
6. Went To See My Baby
7. Maybe In Time
8. '59 Caddy
9. Knife Through The Heart
10. I Wish You Well

No Second Chances
Release March 17 2007
14 Original Songs
1. Love Me, Love Me
2. Jen & Scotty
3. Oh Woman
4. Keep On Rollin'
5. No Second Chances
6. I Think We're On To Something
7. Rock Don't Stop
8. Wish I Could Be There
9. Lying Is All You Do
10. Nothing To Lose
11. Little Miss Rocker
12. Enough For Me
13. Soul Survivor
14. Warm This Soul



High Octane's talented musicians bring to the stage a power and force expressed by their name delivering a dynamic performance that always leaves the audience wanting more. High Octane focuses on rock 'n roll while drawing heavily from blues and country to create their own unique sound. You will find them performing from Boston to New York City on a regular basis. They are willing to travel to other locales and looking forward to more tours in the future.

William Cooley (Guitar and Vocals)
While performing with local bands around Orlando, Will discovered the direction he wanted to proceed with his music career. He formed High Octane in 2004 and has engineered, produced and personally written 20 of the 24 songs on 2 original CD's while touring the Southeastern United States in all types of venues including Universal's City Jazz, House of Blues, Hard Rock Live, art festivals, clubs, private events and more. In 2008 Will moved to New York City and then on to the New England area where High Octane is currently based. In addition, Will's experience with big band orchestras contributed to his versatility, and along with a private tutor, helped him to develop his ability to write and arrange musical scores. Overall, Will is a consummate guitarist and vocalist, a multitalented musician, songwriter and a strong leader for High Octane.