HIGHRISE is a trio of drums, bass, keyboards and vocals, used in simple but explorative ways. Their music uses groove-based pop formats with twists of the macabre, stripped down muck-funk under eerily catchy melodies. The sound is characterised by the raw grunt of acoustic bass, sizzle cymbals and flirtations of dissonance on 88 keys. Passages of driving intensity release into groove and melody with contoured juxtapositions of organic vs digital sounds. Simmering within is the human animal’s struggle for self-civilisation in an urban arena of desire.

Talley Mulligan is a drummer and sound designer / engineer from New Orleans. Guy Dowsett is a pianist, vocalist, composer and sound designer from Melbourne, Australia. Mayim Alpert is a kontrabassist, instrument-builder and sound designer from Arkansas. All three currently base their activities in Prague.

Set List

Jesus Knees
Terrorize Me
Dirty Snow
In my Head,
Who’s on the Bandstand?
Black Hole of Love
Pavement Lullaby
Anya’s Pony
Waltz of Refrain
In the Dark

(approximately 1 hour)