high roller

high roller


Roots Rock, graced with captivating lyrics and vocal delivery. In that aesthetic HIGHROLLER flirts with every genre from ragtime to swing to down and dirty blues.


James is the visionary, blending and fusing tongue in cheek humour and serious subject matter with a straight ahead fingerpicking guitar melodies reminiscent of the early 20th century. He has spent most of his life a studio rat with every piece of gear you could imagine at his fingertips. For the past 2 years he has focused solely on the voice, the story and the acoustic and archtop guitar. Meeting Chris Tatalias, who brings a raw rock aesthetic, lifted James' stories up to gain recognition by GRAMMY award winning industry professionals. Being a writing and recording team in the studio and an acoustic duo in certain settings, allowed them the time to perfect their catalogue and hunt down the perfect mates to fill out the live bombastic, swinging sound on stage. They snagged John Kasiewicz of Raisin Hill fame 1 hour before HIGHROLLER debuted at a summer festival in Kent, CT. John learned the tunes on the bus with minutes to spare. Then came Rob Bonaccorso of Hubinger St. fame. He too had a baptism by fire induction in front of a packed house as the headlining act. Together they are HIGHROLLER. You have heard nothing like this before.



Set List

blind dog
on n on
the hollow
black jack
broke down toby
chose a fool
i'll come back for you
come together (the Beatles!)
cowboy junky
thats alright mama (elvis)
average josephine
my funny lullaby
thats just how i roll