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High Rolling Loners

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"It’s a cracker!! 100% guaranteed!!"

If there is a downside to the High Rolling Loners debut EP it is that it`s too short. The San Diego-based roots band captures a mix of AM-era Wilco and Robert Earl Keen or, at times, a twangy-Steve Miller Band, with a heavy dose of southern rock. Whether they are burning it up with full-throttle country rock, or tear-in-your-beer laments, the High Rolling Loners debut blows hot and hard like a Southern California wind. -- Jeff Weiss, Miles of Music December 2006 - Miles of Music-Jeff Weiss

"High Rolling Loners EP"

Nog maar net zijn de eerste jaarlijstjes van 2006 verschenen of wij kijken al benieuwd uit naar de nieuwste ontwikkelingen in het alt. country/Americana/rootswereldje. The High Rolling Loners, een uptempo-alt. country bandje uit San Diego zou wel eens voor de eerste leuke verrassing in 2007 kunnen zorgen. Met hun EP scoren zij op het moment erg hoog in The Miles Of Music Top Sellers Charts en dat men daar overtuigd is van de muzikale kwaliteiten van John Verruto (vocals & guitars), Ryan Bartell (guitar & vocals), Eric Boone (drums) en Nat Disaster (bass & vocals) bewijst het "It's a Cracker" stempeltje, (niet goed - geld terug!). Bovendien werd de band onlangs genomineerd voor twee San Diego Music Awards nl. : Best Country Band en Best Americana Album. Wat je mag verwachten ..."Mexico" heeft wat van a twangy-Steve Miller, "She Can Love Me" en "Treetops" zitten zij in het straatje Wilco meets Robert Earl Keen, "Walking Away" is een deuntje dat ook in het Bottle Rockets muziekdoosje past en "That Sound" zorgt ervoor dat het debuut van the High Rolling Loners en hun Southern rock never sounded so Southern. Simple rocking country ... meer moet dat in 2007 niet zijn! (SWA) www.rootstime.be Dec 2006 - Rootstime (Dutch)

"High Rolling Loners EP"

Vooraf:jammer dat dit slechts een EP is. Het is niettemin wel een showcase voor wat de kerels van High Rolling Loners in hun mars hebben. Vijf liedjes op het snijvlak van rootsrock en southern rock, voorzien van gruizige zang, een stevig fundament en knallend gitaarwerk. De vier bandleden – John Verruto (zang, gitaar), Ryan Bartell (gitaar, zang), Nat Disaster (bas, zang), Eric Boone (drums) – komen elk uit een verschillende regio – Eastcoast, the South, Lake District, Westcoast – maar hebben zich gevestigd in San Diego, Californië. De zon schijnt dan ook volop op de vijf rockende songs, al komt de southern rock-invloed er ferm doorheen priemen. Op de High Rolling Loners-EP (eigen beheer) klinken de High Rolling Loners dan ook als bijvoorbeeld de Kings Of Leon. Of als een Westcoastvariant van Raging Slab, tenminste dat is wat ik hoor op prijsnummer Mexico. (Wiebren Rijkeboer) www.altcountry.nl- January 2007

- Alt Country.nl

"High Rolling Loners - High Rolling Loners"

Zuidelijker dan Het Zuiden zelf. Zo klinkt de ‘southern rock’ van High Rolling Loners, een kwartet uit San Diego. Als je niet oppast zit je dan ineens in Het Noorden natuurlijk… Dit gebrek aan Originaliteit en Eigen Gezicht is meteen ook het enige dat je deze rockers kunt verwijten. Als je ze het al mag verwijten, want tenslotte is deze ep, die vijf liedjes bevat, hun debuut. Die liedjes zijn goed maar niet opmerkelijk. Wel klinkt High Rolling Loners zodanig aangenaam ruw en ongepolijst dat mijn gedachten als vanzelf verwijlen naar The Drams. Zeker wanneer That Sound weerklinkt. Hadden die ook maar uit dit vaatje getapt. Anderzijds, om Brent Best en zijn mannen te verslaan hebben High Rolling Loners nog een hele weg te gaan. Maar, het begin is er! (Wim Boluijt) - Hanx.net (Dutch)

"High Rolling Loners EP"

The High Rolling Loners aim low and hit hard. Garage rock aesthetics and an if-it-ain't-broke-don't-fix-it production style land this debut EP hard in the dirt at your feet like a wayward horseshoe at a biker picnic. Grounded deep in roots rock and flying high on broken wings, the High Rolling Loners sound like the Band, Marshall Tucker, and mid-seventies Dead rolled in a Zig Zag and passed from the left, half wet, and smoking. You can almost see the hippie chicks twirling in the dust out behind the barn.
Lead vocalist and guitarist John Verruto sings with such a pronounced drawl you'd swear he's faking it, but I bet he isn't. Southern rock never sounded so southern. The EPs best song, 'She Can Love Me,' features the other guitarist Ryan Bartell on vocals, whose rough-around-the-edges sound and unaffected sincerity make him stand out. If they work a little harder, Verruto and Bartell just may be the best one-two punch in local roots rock, right up there with Peat and Cady of the Truckee Brothers. Finesse junkies might be a tad disappointed by the slap happy guitar work and thrown-together feel of these undernourished compositions. And don't come looking for any lyrical depth or goose-bumping melodic reverie. This is meat and potatoes country rock straight from the trailer park, and it ain't apologizing for nothin'.
The thriving San Diego alt-country scene is a perfect home for the High Rolling Loners. A hippie might dream that some day there'll be an outdoor concert on a ranch in Ramona with the Truckee Brothers, the Coyote Problem, Gully, Dead Rock West, Golden Hill Ramblers, Bartenders Bible, Citizen Band, Whiskey Tango, and all the other great San Diego Americana rock outfits. Maybe it'll be called Weedstock or Ramonapalooza. Thirty Coors kegs, pulled pork sandwiches (on Bread & Cie rolls of course - we may be hicks but we have good taste), hippie chicks dancing in chicken wire cages, and the High Rolling Loners banging out the righteous clamor you just can't get in those tedious hook-up bars in PB. The last thing you'll remember before you pass out face down in the dirt is the smell of straw, purple sage, and barbecue, and the sound of Mountain Girl whispering in your ear, 'Honey, are you all right?' Now you're a High Rolling Loner too.
Tom Paine - San Diego Troubadour -June 2006
- San Diego Troubadour

"High Rolling Loners"

If this debut EP from San Diego country band High Rolling Loners were just a single and the single was That Sound, you'd think some top-drawer anti-Nashville hicks were behind it. A fast-paced, almost military drum tempo and thick, country-blues guitar introduces us to John Verruto, who has the sort of voice you'd hear outside of a bait-and-tackle shop in a town where coffee comes in one flavor and in Styrofoam cups. His raw twang is lazy and fantastic; he sings about how he "used to cause trouble/ and all my drinks were double" before meeting a little lady who interrupted his shot-by-shotglass route to a grave plot in an RV park. The rest of the EP is above average, if bone-simple, country rock. Solid, and undoubtedly great to drink Budweiser to at a live show, but not nearly as great as That Sound.
Troy Johnson - San Diego Citybeat - May 2006
- San Diego City Beat

"Hometown CDs-High Rolling Loners"

Simple rocking country, similar to Robert Earl Keen, is what High Rolling Loners play. The guitar ranges from growling to twangy. There's an occasional harmonica, and the lead vocals wear a Southern drawl like a pair of boots. That's it. That's what you get. The tempo of most of the songs is upbeat but not poppy. "That Sound" is a bit quicker with a rockabilly punk rhythm similar to slower tracks from Tiger Army. "She Can Love Me" is a little slower, and the vocals are clearer. That track is the sentimental account of a woman's (sometimes confused) affections: "She fills my cup before it gets empty / She draws my bath when I'm tired and worn," but "She don't love me." I'm keeping this CD to play on my next road trip to Vegas. The dusty desert track "Mexico" will match my straw cowboy hat, and "That Sound," with its lyrics about "bourbon and dice," might bring me some luck.
Ollie - San Diego Reader - March 2006
- San Diego Reader


Self Titled EP
nominated for Best Americana Album



The High Rolling Loners are the original lonesome heroes of today. Tapping deep into their roots they are searching for musical truth and vision under every rock that rolls. They hail from all across the New World, from Eastern to Western skies, from the fertile lands of the Deep South to the Industrialized Upper Midwest. Each member brings a certain element of home to the band. Whether it's a cranked up rocker, a sunny day sing along, or a disparagingly sad country song, the High Rolling Loners are your band. Come join us on our drive through the countryside and have a listen. The High Rolling Loners received two 2006 San Diego Music Award nominations for Best Country Band, and Best Americana album for their self-titled debut EP.