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Highstrung showcases his upcoming standing in the industry and represents the epitome of true swag.


To successfully exhibit true swag as a rap artist, one must face the challenges that the industry produces in order to deliver the rhymes of a professional and walk the similar walk of a veteran. With a pursuing college education, the skills of an entrepreneur in the making, and a contrasting mind frame from the average artist, emerging Southern rapper Highstrung showcases his upcoming standing in the industry and represents the epitome of true swag.

Born Paul Hightower, this Texas native truly represents a man on his on a mission that is ultimately leading to transformation the rap game. Coming from region that has introduced the public to the likes of wood grain wheels and candy paint, the self-proclaimed “King of the K (Killeen), distinguishes himself from that norm by delivering stories of his lifelong experiences, his feelings toward current events, issues, and his passion for the industry.

Music ingrained itself into Highstrungs life during his high school years, even after taking notice of the downward spiral of the hip-hop industry. His hunger for music also began to stem from the need to enhance the music industry by showcasing himself as an artist who thinks outside of the box in his lyricism. After graduating from high school in 2005, Highstrung attended college in Arkansas. However, he ultimately decided to return to his home state in order to pursue his degree and his music career after an approximate year.

Upon returning to San Antonio, Highstrung began to attend school at one of the local colleges, where he took up a major of Radio, Television, and Film.

He began to develop to business skills in music by traveling to New York in order to intern for Def Jam. In addition, he began consistent routine of recording tracks. Strungs emerging label Tight Eyez Entertainment, the name alludes to a Bible scripture that represents envisioning the future; Highstrung believes the label should be envisioned before any goals can be accomplished within it. In addition to successfully recording his first mixtape entitled The Definition. The album began to begin to take flight by making the local news papers in his hometown of Killeen, opening doors for club/venue performances and putting him on the cover of Central Texas College schedule book.

Highstrung exhibits the charisma of a strong motivator and talented artist with a firm belief in living his life in Gods hands, and also judging people by there character not their reputation, saying " A reputation is built by ones mouth and a character is built from ones heart, constantly hustling and grinding for his money, and remaining fearless in the struggles that life propels at him. "

Strung went from publicity seeker to owning his own label, performing at numerous shows, and developing a local name for himself. As time passes by he continues recording new material & giving the people something to remember him by at performances. While on the road to sucess he has gained three times the fans he had since The Definition. At the past couple of performances Highstrung has been approached by everyone from fans, fellow rappers, to DJs all saying " You're paving the way not only artist here in Texas but for under ground artist all over the country. "

At the moment Strung is currently working on his second mixtape, and has a couple of more mixtape projects and shows line up.

The Exam is already gaining some attention/hype around it due to some of his featured singles being played at local night clubs in San Antonio, TX. Such as Side Chick, Slide Dip, and ect.

He has opened up for mainstream artist such as Webbie, Lil Boosie, Rob G, Trae, Z-Ro, Silm Thug, Lil Flip ,MAINO and many others. Also on that note he has collaborated with upcoming/underground artist from the east coast, west coast, all over the map. Everyone he has ever encountered has told him " The industry wont know what hit them " & "never give up because of the gift you posess/presence is indescribible. "

when he steps on stage and performs you just know he's there, it's somthing about Strung that seperates him quite a distance from other artist. One of his favorite quote's is " there is a difference between an artist and a rapper, a rapper makes music, while an artist creates masterpieces. "

Highstrung is the embodiment of success and lyrically the best, proving that he truly is The Definition and a true representation of swagg.


The Definition (Mixtape)

Set List

4- 6 tracks (Clean versions are available)

typically music from the press kit and new material

We'll be glad to run any of the songs by the promoters/event hosts