hightower are 3 friends that like to play music and ride skateboards together. they all grew up listening to hardcore, metal, punk and whatever they saw in skateboardvideos.


San Francisco Street Metal is the only way to describe Hightower. If you had to pin a name on what they play, that’s what it would be. Hightower is comprised of three individuals that form the hardened stoney edge of a sharp change in what people expect from a band. They have gone through most of the trials that D.I.Y. bands have done before; toured on their own money until it ran out 200 miles from home, woken up hung-over only to drive a full day only to play 15 minutes after arrival and many van breakdowns on the open road just to name a few. Hightower has done it all and will do it again and again because they can’t help themselves and know of nothing else they’d rather do. Dedication doesn’t begin to describe Dave, Shane and Jake.

They started playing as a group during the spring of 2001, living with 9 or 10 others in a 5-bedroom house in San Francisco’s Mission District, lovingly referred to as the 1040 house. Their practice area was next to and in the kitchen, spilling in from a small barely there breakfast nook. While they hammered out songs, their housemates would cook and go about their daily routines, drink, party and go through all of life’s motions. In this semi-chaotic mess they were able to create such trademark songs as Sluggish, Midtown, and Statler’s Quest. After playing their first show in a shack behind a backyard ramp at the 1040 house, they got a gig in Arizona. Slowly but surely, through word of mouth and a kick ass demo they have found venues outside of S.F. area and across the country. Meeting new people that have seen the light from the Tower. Europe, Australia, Asia and the rest of the skateboarding world have seen the light thanks to songs in skate videos. Thrasher Magazine even gave away their self produced full length with subscriptions adding to the worldwide exposure of this trio.

Hightower is one of those bands you just can’t put a label on. It’s cliché to say that, but it’s true. Their influences are clear, but not reproduced. The mark of any great band is their ability to sound unique while still holding true to the music. They don’t care where they play, from backyard shacks, flatbed trucks outside of a bar, skate jams to art galleries to packing venues like Slim’s and Bottom of the Hill. They even played the B.A.R.T. Station at 16th and Mission one rush hour afternoon. Coming up from the deep Mission they have carved themselves a loyal following of people who range in diversity just as their city does. Taking that built up inertia they toured the country three times, played in Canada and Mexico, and have done numerous regional tours. Their touring coupled with the exposure they have gotten from Thrasher Magazine, SLAP Magazine, MESH Magazine, Concussion Magazine, Fecal Face Dot Com, DLX.com, the San Francisco Bay Guardian and other media including songs in skate videos and the Thrasher Skate Rock 13 compilation. This has given them a solid base of fans and support. They have given to the community and the community has given back tenfold. Once you see them, you’ll know why.


buckets and brooms ep, self titled full length, thrasher skate rock comp # 13. have songs on soundclick, myspace, get radio play on KUSF, KSJU, and other college radio

Set List

we improvise the order and choice of songs depending on the mood usually. we usually like to play for 30-40 minutes. we don't usually do covers unless it's a special ocassion then we might pull out the theme to halloween or an old verbal assault song.