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Federal Way, Washington, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2017

Federal Way, Washington, United States
Established on Jan, 2017
Solo Hip Hop




"Highway Tone is electric with his new releases"

Growing up around music, Highway Tone has been heavily influenced by the Rap scene for much of his life. He creates music that is authentic to his own experience and the world around him. Some of his newest projects include the recent release of his album, Product of My Environment and his new single “Yeah Yeah”. While these two showcase different sides of this artist, they are equally as incredible of a show of his skill.

Highway Tone’s music emphasizes the importance of what is real. “I rap about real life situations, things I’ve been through or seen, or things that the people around me have experienced. You can ask anyone around me, they’ll tell you that I’m real.” This intense honesty allows for him to create music that is relatable and lets his audience connect to him on a deeper and more personal level.

Product of My Environment is a perfect example of the way that Highway Tone’s music gives a deeper look into who he is as a person. This album focuses not only on the specific experiences he has had, but also the overall theme of being loyal to yourself and the things that you need to survive. Some of the most prominent songs on this album include the song “Miss You” where Highway Tone pays tribute to those that have been lost to violence, “Nervous” where he explores friendships and the role of trust while in the streets, and “Loyalty” which focuses on the role of a woman in a relationship. All of these things are personal to him, but easily relatable to so many of his listeners. - They Hype Magazine

"The Run Down with Highway Tone"

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"Rising Hiphop Artist Highway Tone is Recreating the Essence of Hiphop Music With his Latest Tracks"

Enjoy the brisk moves and the flavors of hip hop music with Highway Tone’s latest album. This 13 track album is a musical representation of his life and struggles.

Federal Way, Washington Dec 17, 2020 (Issuewire.com) - Upcoming striving artist Highway Tone has pieced together his life, personality, and his vocal talent through his latest hip hop tracks. The tracks like ‘Getting Rich’ and ‘Loyalty’ have successfully portrayed the artist’s talent and a knack for original music. Both of the tracks appear in the latest, titled ‘Product of My Enviroment’. The musical arrangement in the tracks is intentionally kept simple and groovy to emphasize the strong bars. The artist meanders through the tracks with his unique vocal tone and eclectic rap deliverance. There is some clever use of vocal prompts that adds a layer of melody to the hard-hitting verses. The artist offers a musical narrative that makes sense and retains interest.

The artist has redefined the genre of hip hop music with his latest album ‘Product of My Enviroment’ which consists of 13 freshly churned tracks. This is a result of the artist’s hard work and years of struggle. The artist was born in Las Vegas and but rose in Seattle and Federal way in Washington. While surviving in the streets with poverty, the artist had his share of bad times and worked hard to make a way out of it.

After years of struggle, the artist found his escape through music. As a result, Highway Tone makes tracks like ‘Getting Rich’ and ‘Loyalty’ that talks about him and his life without any fabrication to make it gorgeous. Currently, this artist is working on new projects to create more of his exquisite tracks. Follow him over Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify to know more about his music.

Just go for these tracks by Highway Tone :

‘Getting Rich’ : https://open.spotify.com/track/0Bv5W4taHmJo2AOLd1NWvc

'Loyalty - June Legend' : https://open.spotify.com/track/2TL11dLwXFPYUa3lXexA88 - Issuewire.com

"With his signature rap style, Highway Tone is steering all attention with his mind-blowing charisma"

Drastically diverting from the repetitive hip-hop style, artist Highway Tone presents his unique musicality in the most delightful manner with two new songs.

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Federal Way, Washington Feb 23, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – An artist who has been on the hip-hop radar for quite some time for his gorgeous tempo and ability to demand attention swiftly is Highway Tone. The artist drives with a go-getter attitude and has already garnered the attention and the support of the audience. His music is anchored by an exciting melody line and each production lives up to the expectations. With all the music he has delivered so far, it is easy to say that the rapper makes rap straight out of creativity. With his vigor and surprising style, the rapper likes to experiment with versatile sounds and has ripped everything from fast-paced hip-hop to groovy rap verses to add value to his music.
Baring his creativity and unique thought patterns most effectively, the artist has dropped his latest thirteen songs album titled Product of My Environment. Two songs from the catalog that distinctively uphold his infectious rhythm are ‘Getting Rich‘ and ‘Nervous‘. The artist has layered the sonic arrangements in a truly captivating manner and his hardcore delivery style wants everyone to pay full attention throughout. Emphasizing mainly the power of the storyline, the rapper uses eclectic drum beats to capture the attention with ease.
Highway Tone raps with honesty on his latest releases ‘Getting Rich’ and ‘Nervous‘, and his deep-rooted passion for hip-hop compels him to create such hard-hitting compositions. With genuine energy, the talented artist shares the story of his life and other important incidents with authenticity. He is an artist to look out for in the future. Follow him on Spotify, Instagram, and Facebook for further details.
Check out these links to listen to these tracks on Spotify:
https://open.spotify.com/track/2E8Jy04s0BoS91ur05H50B - Your digital wall

"Highway Tone Represents with Name, Music"

His stage name represents his people and his passion, and that passion saved his life and gave him a purpose.
Growing up around music and Highway 99 from Federal Way to Tukwila, Seattle Rapper Highway Tone credits his environment and his love of rap music for pulling him out of the street life and giving him a purpose and a future.
“Before I was actually rapping, I didn’t see myself with no future,” Highway Tone said. “I was too busy involved in the street life, gangs, pimping and hoeing, drug dealing and prostitution, and music gave me a different outlook on life. There’s a way out of the streets, I can talk about our stories, put them down on pen and pad in the music.
Other people could be able to hear our stories and I was able to take my life, put it into music and it gave me a whole lot of time out of the streets. I was spending a whole lot of time in the studio, investing my time into finding beats and stuff like that. Instead of buying drugs to flip, the music became my drug to flip.”
Highway Tone said his latest releases tell stories of that life he left behind and the people who helped him get to a better place.
One of his latest releases, “Yeah Yeah,” released in April, was going to be a rap about a couple of friends and family members who were serving time in jail, but a partner helped him recast the song into something more up-beat, with a club-ready feel to it.
“My partner was like nah, man, you’ve got to do something different, you always rapping about the streets,” Highway Tone said. “So then I shot the beat over to my guy Mobby V, he’s the one who did the hook. He kind of felt the same vibe I was feeling so he made it catchy but he also made it more like transitioning from being in the streets and the jail cell to coming out and having money and doing something with yourself. I got that vibe off that hook and I just ran with it.”
His album, “Product of My Environment,” is a deeper look into Tone’s life and his progress as a musician.
“I wanted to show the growth between my first two albums,” Highway Tone said. “I wanted to be able to have some stuff to where it’s still street but it’s got more beats that you could throw on the radio, so its more up-tempo. Some of those songs on that album you can put on the radio and I think one or two of those songs actually made it and was played on the radio in Seattle. When I came up for the concept for the album I was like, I want to rap about me. I want to rap about what’s going on with my life. I want to rap about what made me, me.”
Songs on the album include “Nervous,” which he said is about his friends fighting with the wrong people and beefing with each other, and “Selfish,” which talks about how he grew up poor for most of his life and how people should understand how that shaped him now that he has more money.
Highway Tone’s upcoming album, “Highway Signs and Yellow Lines,” will be “a real projection of my area and where I’m from.”
“This is going to be strictly dedicated to my area, my section, my hood,” Tone said. “It’s going to be dedicated to all my bros, all my fallen soldiers, all my soldiers who are still going through the struggle, all my brothers that are still standing strong, even the ones that made it out and are doing good. This one is for us, Highway Signs and Yellow Lines is for everybody that’s from the highway.”
Be sure to keep up with Highway Tone on social media and stream his music on all platforms. Links to all of this can be found listed below. - Hip Hop Weekly


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In the past 4 years and counting Highway Tone has gained traction as one of Seattle's elite rising stars. With social media coming secondary to his music, he is known to be the only non-mainstream artist to sell out all his shows in greater Seattle area. Highway Tone has proven he can handle the stardom that comes with the recognition of his supporters while still handling his professional business. With multiple music videos well over 40k and some above 133k, Highway Tone's determination to be successful and connection to the streets makes him the ideal new star of Hip Hop.

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