the wild west's history and well shoot you down for saying so. sounds like a wagon ride through the canyons dragging a dead janis joplin. we played cbgbs you know.


We live in a mountain village of 5,000 Manitoids. Here the history is rich with gold and silver mines, lost in the rush for success. Buffalo Bill, Jenny Lind, Robert Ford, Nikola Tesla and Jesse James are our neighbors. A magic radiates from the red rocks and washes into our homes in dust and dusk. Only gossip runs rampant in the streets, names on the tongues of everyone in town. And well enough. We all, the all included of all from all of our mountain, gather together with the stars out to play with/for one another. We run out to the streets to get our libations: lithium fix from Twin Spring, calcium from the Navajo Spring, potassium from the Wheeler Spring and of course, iron from the Iron Spring. People came to Manitou to escape dying. And that they did......


come to manitou for water demo....
LP in progress

Set List

devils lover
the river
the ranch
dreary black hills
dear rick
miss jesse james
where you been jenny lind