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"Oz Newspaper Review"

"Local cred, interstate popularity, international success plus 5 singles with plenty of radio airplay. 'Never Too Late' by Smart Artists is awesome." - Northern Star

"Oz Magazine Review"

"Smart Artists have got everything, with an excellent stage presence and catchy lyrics that pull you right in ..... their pure 'rock athleticism' and song writing talent bond to generate a distinct musical force. Shannon Beaumont is the foundation upon which this band ROCKS. And ROCK they do, with a distinctive guitar-driven modern sound that is decisively peppered by the inspiration of the most notable contemporary influences." - Time Off Magazine QLD

"Oz Magazine Review"

"Smart Artists instantly infectious brand of rock is slowly but surely launching them toward the forefront of today’s national rock scene. Regarded as one of the regions most dynamic, danceable rock bands, Smart Artists has developed a devoted following on the strength of continuous face-melting performances in venues all over regional NSW, QLD and NT. They continue to earn the praise of fans and fellow musicians as one of the next biggest 'currently unsigned' bands." - Rave Music Magazine QLD

"Oz Radio Review"

"Smart Artists have focused on writing, recording and producing killer rock tracks with great hooks, crunching guitars and tasty leads that have fans addicted from their first listen. 'Annie' is no different" - ZZZ FM North Coast NSW

"US Radio Station Review"

There are highlights of my life as a rock music fan that stand out in my mind, such as the time early on when one of my friends bicycled over to my house with an LP record called "Van Halen", and he put it on my turntable, and "Eruption" poured out of the speakers. My jaw dropped, nothing was going to be the same after that.

Or, sitting in a club in Austin, Texas, and this scruffy looking character they called Stevie Ray Vaughn took the stage. The drummer clicked offs a 4-beat, and this strong wave of a tapestry of soaring power came out of the house P.A. My jaw dropped, and nothing was ever going to be the same.

I had the same experience recently with a band from Australia called "Smart Artists". After years of Clear Channel's dictatorship of the America airwaves, a lot of us had given up on the radio, there's nothing there but manufactured computer-based tracks that all sound the same, and are pretty unbearable.

Imagine what it was like when I clicked on the MP3 for "Inside Moves". Here is a song with a sophisticated melody, powerful lyrics, and a delivery that rivals some of the most hallowed performances of this entire genre.

The melodic drive, the playful delivery of the vocalist are supported by wonderfully warm guitars, a thick, pumping bass, and drums that seem to be hitting their accents in perfect timing. Plus the lyric content of girl problems is timeless. The lyrics cleverly pursued this well-worn subject into something new and fresh.

AGAIN, MY JAW DROPPED. So, I began emailing the tracks I was sent of Smart Artists to contacts I have developed in the music business. The replies were all about the same, "Who the HELL are these guys?!!"

Being based in Ohio, I can only really give an American's perspective; this band comes on the scene like sweet rain after a long drought. Poppy without being poofy, powerful without being ugly, this band can take you in less than 4 minutes to the place that music was designed for: All that stuff in dirty old life that's bugging you at the moment takes a far back seat to the stained glass beauty and stainless steel drive of what you're hearing thru the speakers.

There is NOTHING like this music on American radio currently. Just like the other transcendental moments with music in the past, MY JAW DROPPED. Smart Artists are FANTASTIC, invest 4 minutes and you will realize things will never be the same....

Ken Bailey
Westfield Recording Company
- Westfield Recording Ohio US

"US Radio Station Review"

“Inside moves is a definitive progression of dramatic rock and catchy guitar chords, with a subtly enticing opening and smooth but powerful vocals, this is a fantastic single from Smart Artists. They are redefining the current trend of 'jumping on the band wagon' into their own distinctive sound.”

Tom Upton
Joint Head of Music Xtreme Radio
- Xtreme Radio US

"US Radio Station Review"

"Inside Moves" is the guiding light in modern Rock and Roll. A refreshing Rock and Roll sound that makes you want more!”

Bernard Overly
- RockOn 365

"Oz Radio Station Review"

“Smart Artists are on to something good here!! Inside Moves has the ring of success to all that hear it. This track will grab your attention from the first note!! Upbeat and sassy!!!

I defy anyone who hears it not to be lifted to a chair dance or two!! Great lyrics, strong rockin’ band and killer vocals, what a combination!! This band is going straight to the top with a bullet, and they will have a whole troop of fans following their every move. I know... I'm one!!! Bravo on this track!!

Bravo on being the next Number 1 band in the world!! It’s coming!!!”

Wendy Shashona McCall
- Awesome Radio

"US Magazine Review"

Aussie Rock sensations Smart Artists release new single "Inside Moves"
In today’s world of music and easy accessibility to new music online, it is hard to find a “smash” single from bands who are breaking out on the internet. That is about to change quickly as Australia's modern rock act Smart Artists release their new single, “Inside Moves,” in advance of their new full length release which will be available in October...

Music Rush Magazine US - Music Rush magazine US


View the music video of "Inside Moves' at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40Ktb5JPglc

Inside Moves (original) - Video on many music TV channels
Inside Moves (original) - Single - Commercial/Internet Radio Airplay
Let it go (original) - Single - Commercial/Internet Radio Airplay
Annie (original) - Single - Commercial/Internet Radio Airplay
Bad Company (original) - Internet Radio Airplay
Falling Down (original) - Internet Radio Airplay
You're a tease (original) - Internet Radio Airplay
Miss your love tonight (original) - Internet Radio Airplay
Route 66 (cover) - Single - Commercial Radio Airplay
Does your mother know (cover) - Single - Commercial Radio Airplay
I Got A Woman (cover) - Single - Commercial Radio Airplay
Love Potion No. 9 (cover) - Single - Commercial Radio Airplay
You spin me right round (cover) - Single - Commercial Radio Airplay

Never Too Late - Album 2007 (as Smart Artists)
Winning Ways - Album Released December 2009



HIGHWAY BLONDE (formerly known as Smart Artists) are regarded by many as one of the most dynamic up and coming modern rock bands in the country.

Fans of bands such as The Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon and The Killers have for the past couple of years been cranking Highway Blonde tunes on radio stations throughout 20 different countries and on over 300 radio stations throughout the US alone.

With the band continuing to receive much critical and popular acclaim for their tight, melodic songs, the release of their new album 'Winning Ways' is only certain to propell the bands music onto many more ipods.

Tracks like ‘Let it go’, ‘Annie’ and 'Inside Moves' showcase Highway Blonde's ability to write intelligent high-energy rock songs, where as tracks such as ‘Hurting on the Inside’ and the epic conclusion to the album, ‘Bad Girl’ display the band’s desire to work outside the 3 minute boundary.

Throughout 2009, both 'Annie' and Inside Moves' reached the No 1 position on the Mp3.com charts.

The video clip to ‘Inside Moves’ won the 2009 Pan Pacific Film and Television Award in the 'Best Independent' category. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40Ktb5JPglc

The song 'Inside Moves' also was awarded 8th position in the 2009 Australian Songwriting Awards.

You can purchase the 'Winning Ways' CD at http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/winning-ways/id341038330

And the bands formula for success ….. avoid trends, write cool songs and deliver a brand of modern rock full of catchy chorus and crunchy guitars in its purest rocking form!

With their eyes set firmly on consolidating their recent successes, Highway Blonde is set to continue wooing audiences nationally supporting the Screaming Jets nationally throughout July.

Whether it's a corporate event, a music festival, or a night at the popular local venue, Highway Blonde is known as the band that creates an event and delivers an awesome performance everytime.