Highway LA

Highway LA

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
BandHip Hop

A cool flow influenced by growing up and moving around. I moved from South Central LA as a teen, all the way to Atlanta so my music flows with both styles of music.


Robert “HighWay LA” Hodge is a new American Hip Hop artist, and Video Director/Editor. HighWay was born in Los Angeles, CA and moved to Atlanta, GA in his mid-teens. The 22-year old skateboarder, college student, and rapper. He promotes living your youth as much as possible, and wants the urban youth to know that “if the streets ain't for you, there are other ways of life that will still earn your respect from street niggas, and the world.” HighWay is sponsored by “Style Is Serene” clothing, and is a part of the #TUF (Turn Up Forever) team. Also look out for HighWay LA’s new mixtape (A.W.O.L) dropping April 12, 2013. You can find HighWay’s music on Soundcloud, at soundcloud.com/HighWayLA.


A.W.O.L (Mixtape) April 12th, 2013
Ready To Go (Single) January 20th, 2013

Set List

Been Around (A.W.O.L)
On&Off (A.W.O.L)
Like Its Nothing (A.W.O.L)
Slow Motion (A.W.O.L)
Ready To Go (A.W.O.L)