Highway Shelter

Highway Shelter


Highway Shelter will shock you. They bring well crafted lyrics and unique musicality every night. If you found yourself between the legendary singer-songwriters of Americana music and the gritty edge of Blues/Funk greats, you would be standing strong next to the tight new sound of Highway Shelter.


The first large show Highway Shelter played together, as a full band, was opening for G.Love and Special Sauce at the Rave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They made the trip from Iowa City, Iowa, to Chicago, and finally to Wisconsin, by tour van in the bitter cold of a January snow storm. Throughout the trip, there was stop and go highway traffic, the van got stuck in a parking structure, most members of the band could not feel their fingers before/during/after the performance, and lack of sleep truly took its toll. Nonetheless, Highway Shelter performed their best show that night - creating a welcome back to the Rave with open arms. February of 2008, the band will be making that same trip to the Rave to open for none other than George Clinton and the P.Funk Allstars. In the following three months, Highway Shelter is looking at another Rave show with the reunited Blind Melon and two festival spots in the Summer and Fall of this year.
Highway Shelter was started in 2003 by lead man, Gabriel Middaugh. His debut album, "Prisoner X", was done by the Winter of 2005 and released the following year. In the last 6 months, Matt Wright & Collin Crowley have become the best additions the band could ask for. What used to be a folk/rock solo project has transformed into Americana Groove gone Funky sound with a powerful edge.
Material is only building up with the constant determination to make it and their perfectionist outlook of creating great music. Two things come to mind when observing a band this true to the artform: love of the crowd and songs you wish you could have heard years ago. Everyone deserves a little Highway Shelter in their lives.


"Prisoner X" - Solo Highway Shelter album created by Gabriel Middaugh in 2005.
With the new member additions within this last year, Highway Shelter is set to record a studio album by Summer of 2008.
They currently have a live disc that has generated lots of excitement, but it has yet to be released in stores.

Set List

Highway Shelter's typical set ranges from 45 minutes to 1 and 1/2 hours. Each gig is different and they bring the necessary list of tunes to capture the audience with the best songs they have to offer.
1. Rooster 2 Crow
2. I Can Wait
3. Cold One
4. Overseer
5. Clarity
6. Peaceful
7. Paddle in the Back
8. Styrofoam
9. Monotone
10. When I Get There
11. Down the Middle
12. What's What
13. Pellet Gun
14. The World
15. I Overheard You
16. To Give
17. I'll Pass On
18. Mary Don't Go
19. Stranded
20. Prisoner X
*and more

Additional cover songs are performed from such artists as the Grateful Dead, Wilco, Tom Petty, Mason Jennings, Ray Lamontagne, and others. An average Highway Shelter show will include one or two cover tune performances at most. The audience tends to thrive mainly off of the bands original works.