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Sudbury, Massachusetts, United States

Sudbury, Massachusetts, United States
Band World Jazz


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"La Presse de Tunisie 03 10 2008"

Khaled Ben Yahia, in the company of ‘Hi Jazz’, sets off in search of unchartered sounds, where jazz meets up with traditional music. These two Franco-Tunisian trios take us meandering with them through a repertoire of new compositions into music far removed from stylistic compartmentalization” - Adel Latrech

"Miroir No. 53, May 2008"

Hijazz took Pierre-Bénite’s Maison du Peuple to the heights of exhilaration, during a breathtaking two-hour concert cruising from one Mediterranean shore to another with its blend of jazz and traditional Tunisian airs. - Bruno Tachon


Still working on that hot first release.



The Artist’s Biography

Khaled Ben Yahia oud

Khaled was born in Tunis in 1963 in a family of music lovers. After finishing his music studies at the Conservatory in 1987 where he has been taught by the greatest masters (Khaled Bassâ, Salah El Mehdi), he performed professionally within El Fen-El-Arabi’s orchestra and then in La Rachidia under the supervision of Mohammed Saâda.
From this point, Khaled has enhanced his profile, he has been notoriously acknowledged as a lute virtuoso and a music writer who says about himself ‘I have as a purpose to disturb and renew the classic style while remaining faithful to the soul of the oud.’
Intending to further his music studies, he settles in France where he studies the harmony at the National Conservatory of Lyon. Since then he has become a professor at the traditional music department.
His eagerness for fresh encounters and genre combinations have led him to play with Dorsaf Hamdani , Abir Nasraoui (voice), Ashok Patak (sitar), La Tribu Hérisson (musical collective around improvisation), Jacky Detraz (percussions).
He was recognized as the best music performer in 2007 in Tunisia.

Daniel Mirabeau saxophones

Daniel is a polyvalent musician who enjoys wandering and exploring the paths of improvisation, he has developed a colourful and rhythmic way of playing.
Given that the music of the Middle East and North Africa has been a significant source of inspiration for him, he has furthered his approach of it at the Tunis conservatory in 2004.
With his own trio, he explores new uncharted musical territories from both sides of the Mediterranean Sea.
He regularly collaborates with the Oud virtuoso Khaled Ben Yahia.
He has also worked with Kudsi Erguner (ney turc),Dorsaf Hamdani (Tunisia songs), Bechir Selmi, Riadh Ben Amor (Tunisian violin), Lassad Hosni (Tunisian percussions), Mohamed Osman (bouzok Syria), Zad Multaka (Lebanon, piano).
As a jazz musician he has also performed with Antoine Hervé, Jerry Bergonzi, Sangoma Everett, the Cie Lubat.
Being fully open to artistic crossroads, he collaborates with comedian Samuel Jaudon among others for musical readings (Comme un chant secret, La vengeance de Mahir) and for the show Tout Feu Tout Femme à Claude Nougaro.

Riadh Ben Amor violin

As a musician and musicologist, Riadh Ben Amor in Tunisia is considered one of the most talented violinists of his generation.
Performing in orchestras, he has played among some of the finest Tunisian string formations: the Tunisian Symphonic Orchestra, National Orchestra of Arabic Music, Tunis’ city orchestra.
His great improvisation skills have given him the opportunity to perform with countless international artists, European or Arabic, including Jean Michel Jarre, Sister Marie Keyrouz, Sapho, Wadya al-Saafy, Sabah Fakhry, Lotfi Bouchnak, etc.
As a soloist, he has contributed to the conception of a great number of some international artists’ albums and movie soundtracks.
Being a PhD in musicology, he has followed a curriculum at the Superior Institute of Music of Tunis as well as the Sorbonne University (Paris).

Alain Pollonni double-bass

Being a complete musician, he’s as comfortable in Jazz as he is in symphonic orchestras.
After studying at the Conservatory of Reims, he has been attracted to the jazz double-bass working mainly with J.F Jenny Clark, E. Gomez, H.Van de Geyn.
He has notably played in Yochk’o Seffer’s free orchestra, in Manu Carré’s jazz quartet and gypsy jazz with Latcho Drom and various French-based symphonic orchestras.
He has been seen performing in numerous jazz festivals such as Rhino Jazz, Printemps de Nîmes, Jazz attitudes de Laon, Cap Breton, Eclats de Voix d’Auch, Hot Club Jazz Festival…
He currently plays in Michel Salmoïlikoff’s trio (Suivez le Jazz contest finalist in 2005) and Jean Luc Peilhon’s trio. He will be performing on stage in France in 2009 with David Liebman for the show Sketches of Spain.

Sébastien Mourant drums

‘Sébastien Mourant, master in the art of nuances’ Alain Tercinet (Jazz Magazine).
Drummer of colors who cherishes freedom in the way he plays, he expresses himself with nuances and lightness and combines melody and rhythm to his way of playing .
After studying with Daniel Humair and Maurice Sonjon, he intergrates the National Music School of Villeurbanne for a brief time where he obtained his music certificate with honors.
He was one of the winning performers of the Suivez le Jazz contest of 2001 with the Lionel Martin Trio.
He has performed in many jazz festivals: Russia, Spain, Grenoble, Rive de Gier, La Défense (Paris), Vaulx en Velin, Francheville, Vienne, etc…
He has played with Vincent Courtois, François Thuillier, Laurent Dehors, Serge Lazarevitch, and François Théberge…

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