hillary chapman

hillary chapman

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA
BandCountryAdult Contemporary

I'm a songwriter in all the varieties of country--country/pop, country/rock, country/soul--and adult contemporary, with top shelf demos of catchy and memorable songs.


Hillary Chapman is a songwriter who moved to Nashville from New York City to focus on all varieties of contemporary country and adult contemporary; he also has a batch of excellent indie rock songs recorded with his rock band in New York City available for licensing.
His songs are currently in many music libraries and are represented by Winner’s Circle Country Publishing in Texas, Brandon Hills Music Group and Songmatchers in Nashville, TN. He was nominated as the most promising male songwriter in 2010 by the Tennessee Songwriters Association. His song “Dancin’ like teenagers again” won the country category in the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest 2008, "There's only right now" and "Gettin' over you, gettin' over me" earned the two top spots in the 2006 Annual Mid-Atlantic song contest, and his song, "I don't want to want to want you but I do", was a finalist in the country category in the 2006 11th Annual Unisong International Song Contest.
In 2008, he produced a cd of Tahitian devotional songs, “Te Ora Hasu”. In Nashville, he frequently contributes music and songs to prayer gatherings and concerts of devotional music.
He recorded the ep “Humble to the Bone” with his band, Big Open Road, which received medium and heavy rotation in over forty college stations around the country. Of Hillary’s songwriting and the band’s performance on the ep, Songwriter’s Monthly wrote, “Edgy and modern with an individual voice … a wholly new musical thread from which to weave their wonderful tapestry of sound. Highly recommended!” Songs from the ep were included in films such as “Mr. Id” ( Noci Pictures, 2002) and “Shufflemania” (Sethsirvo pictures, 2002). His song, “I like to sleep in”, was recorded for Terry Combs’s 2004 release on Wild Oats Records. He has also contributed three children’s songs to the “Kindly Kingdom”, a theater education project to teach virtues to young children in school settings in New York City.
If you need dynamic songs written for your project (from contemporary to traditional country and rootsy rock), would like to receive current demos and/or finished masters for your project or would like to discuss a professional collaboration, contact Hillary at:


Hold me tight

Written By: Hillary Chapman

He breaks out into that beautiful smile and puts his hand on mine
And just like that I ain’t over him and my heart goes back in time
To August nights, our bodies close / hearin’ him say my name
With so much tenderness I thought / we’d always stay that way
Now, I’m leanin’ in but lookin’ away, tryin’ hard not to say

Hold me tight, make me feel safe tonight
It’s been so cold out on my own/ nothing feels like home / like being in your arms
I’ll feel alright / with you / holdin’ me tight

I look in her eyes, I’m lost again in our old forever after
I forget the pain, remember how / I loved the sound her laughter /
When I kissed her in the autumn leaves/our love seemed meant to be
Now I wish I could just reach out, and pull her in near
and go back to that place where I could open my heart and say

Too scared of being hurt again / rememberin’ how it came to an end
They turn to each other and say …. goodbye

Touching, talking, laughing, loving

Written By: Hillary Chapman, Scott Jarman

Touching, talking, laughing, loving
Hillary Chapman, Scott Jarman
Copyright, 2009

You look so perfect sleeping in/ I brush my hand across your skin
The way your lash curls over your eyes / Everything about you drives me wild
Drives me crazy / Baby I just want to be

Touching, talking, laughing and loving
Holding you / 'cause only you / can turn me on this much
Your every word is like / a summer smile / gentle arms / wrappin' around my heart
Don't wanna stop/ touching, talking, laughing and loving you

Verse 2 :
I put a little cinnamon in your coffee / Is there's somethin' else that you need?
You wink and lean in close to me / man, I gotta go but I can't leave
I can't help / myself / I just want to be

Touching talking and laughing and lovin I can't enough of this
you and me feels so good don't need much just a little bit, a little bit, a little bit / more

What used to be

Written By: Hillary Chapman

Hillary Chapman
3036 Casa Drive
Nashville, TN 37214

What used to be
Hillary Chapman, copyright, 2010


I can still feel that morning sun wakin’ us up on the bed of my truck
Wrapped in a blanket, kissin’, laughin’, our whole lives in front of us
But there still were so many things that I just didn’t know
About a woman’s heart and true love, how could I have let you go

Now I’m a man who’d / give the whole damn world to /
Be the one who holds you / but all I can do is dream /
That it’s just you and me in a love song / your body close / bob marley on /
Summer dress slidin’ off/ and then I’m lost in you lovin’ me
That’s what could have been / and what used to be.

Do you still smile / when the summer rain / splashes down on your face?
Can you still change / the whole world / with just one night by the fireplace?
I can still see you beautiful / in a white t shirt and jeans
Smilin’ sayin’ / you loved me/ God I had everything

You’re long gone but when I’m alone I go back
And I’m talkin’ to you sayin’ do you know that

The Life you choose

Written By: Hillary Chapman

Hillary Chapman
POB 1484363
Nashville, TN 37214

The Life you choose
Hillary Chapman, 2011

Got my hand on the tractor, the sun on my back
It ain’t rained in days but I’m doin’ what I can
To keep us here on our land

I want to believe there’ll be better times
Cause I still see the love in my granddad’s eyes
For this country way of life

Make no excuses to justify
The life I live and I hold my head high/Cause I know,
Life’s a / story that’s you write with your own hand
Good or bad / you gotta take a stand for you /And the life you choose

I got a flag up in the yard it’s wavin with pride
It says “my land’s not for sale at any price
‘cause it’s the story of my life

When I pour my body into bed every muscle hurts
My hand are dry and calloused with brown Texas dirt
But that’s an honest day’s work /

Your ain’t what someone did to you, it’s the life you choose

The life you choose (female)

Written By: Hillary Chapman

Hillary Chapman
POB 148363
Nashville, TN 37214

The Life you choose
Hillary Chapman, 2011

There’s a farmer’s wife who’s prayin cause it ain’t rained enough
She hears her daddy sayin God gave this land to us / So when it’s dry, don’t give up
There’s an eighteen year old girl livin’ her dream tonight
She’s singin to an empty room with passion in her eyes
She’s givin it all she’s got and she don’t
Make no excuses or apologize
For the life she lives and she holds her head high/Cause she knows,
Life’s a / story that’s you write with your own hand
Whatever happens you gotta take a stand for you /And the life you choose
She’s changin’ the diapers/ of her newborn baby girl
While her two and five year old boys / are cryin’ out for her
And she don’t know / how she’ll cope
Then she remembers the first day she heard that little cry
When the nurse placed in her arms her newborn baby child
still brings tears to her eyes and she don’t make no
Your life’s not what someone did to you, it’s the life you choose


Big Open Road "Humble to the bone"
Te Ora Hau
Terry Combs "I like to sleep in"