Hillary Hand

Hillary Hand


Hillary Hand has songs that are fun, but meaningful. She builds an immersive electronic backbone around them and people are drawn to her and her music.

Songs like Paper Doll from the EP of the same name get critical acclaim and she has a large local following.


When listening to Hillary's music you would never know that this amazing songwriter, vocalist, and pianist has only been writing songs since 2011. While this endearing Colorado born musician has been playing piano since the age of 6, it took her 17 years to put the pen to paper and write her first song.

Unlike many her age, she didn't spend her time walled up, glued to a screen, or caught up in the tedium of everyday life. Traveling the world, finding love, and starting a family, her busy life is quite clearly a pool of inspiration that she draws from.

With lyrics that suggest a maturity usually reserved for those far older than Hillary, and arrangements that captivate, you can expect nothing short of brilliance from this artist in the years to come.


Paper Doll

Set List

Say Goodbye
Paper Doll
The Scientist
Take Me Away
Live & Die
Said & Done