Kensington Hillbillys

Kensington Hillbillys


Kensington Hillbillys approach country music with both an original flair and a reverence for tradition. It shines through in their original music and their interpretations of the classics--mixing solid musicianship with just the right amount of reckless abandon.


In September 1996, Steve Ketchen and Mikey McCallum began a residency at Graffiti's in Toronto's Kensington Market. Billed as Honky Tonk Tuesday the duo performed country classics by music legends such as Hank Williams, Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash. As the Tuesday gig grew in popularity, so did the band.

After releasing their first album in 2001 the Hillbillys underwent a couple of line-up changes before settling on the current seven-piece in the summer of 2005. And as summer 2005 came to a close they released their second album - "Bones in the Backyard." Recorded at the Rogue studio in Toronto and featuring musical guests such as James Gray and Burke Carroll, the album showcases original yet traditional songwriting and a stirring interpretation of the Clash classic 'Straight to Hell.'

The Kensington Hillbillys' live shows are engaging and vibrant, showcasing the many talents within the group. Setting the tone with their own compositions, and moving freely to a Johnny Cash dust-up or a Hank Williams classic. An undeniably entertaining band with a long trail of converts, Kensington Hillbillys are used to getting the best audience accolade a country band could hope for: "I don't like country, but I like you guys!"


Bones in the Backyard
The Kensington Hillbillys
Three Feathers Music
released September 2005

'Start Your Own Country'
Loose Music Country Compilation 4
Loose Music (UK)
released October 2005

Steve Ketchen & The Kensington Hillbilllys
self-titled LP
Three Feathers Music
released 2001

Set List

3+ hours of material
- approximately three dozen original songs
- countless cover songs in all styles of Country music