New age rock band with a little touch of everything. From heavy hardcore riffs to melodic acoustic. With a balad style of vocals we try to touch on everything we can. In hopes that every type of music fan will enjoy something we do


Hillblock was formed out of a variety of past bands. Chris and Carl have been playing together since there first rock band in highschool. With all the ups and downs, going through drummers and singers left and right they have finally found something that works. With influences such as Metallica, Tool, Chevelle, Incubus, Stevie ray Vaughn, they have aquired quite the original sound. In the past year Hillblock had taken part in the emergenza music festival, where thay made all the way to the regional finals. It was then they got to play one of the best gigs of their lives, wich was the Avalon in Boston MA. They Finishes 12th out of 300 plus Boston bands. Since then Hillblock as been in the studio and have just completed their first studio album "If Tomorrow Never Comes". Now they begin the task of getting their music out there and makeing a name for themsleves.


HillBlock "If tomorrow ever Comes"
Small radio play on local college stations
Or streaming on www.myspace.com/hillblock07

Set List

Our typical set list consist of originals. Usually when we play out we play an hour set of original music. Sometimes we'll throw in covers songs such as Staind -"just go", Lost Prophets - Shanobi vs. ninja dragon", Chevelle - "THe red' or "closure"

We like to open with a bang then take you on a roller coster ride from our heaviest songs to our softest songs you will leave the show remembering something about us