HillCity Lights

HillCity Lights

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

This pop/rock Christian band’s mission is to spread the message that no matter what you are going through, what you have been through, or what will happen; no matter what your battles are…God is with you always…you’re never fighting alone.


"You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:14-16. This verse is the heart and soul of HillCity Lights. Each member has his or her own reason for taking their God-given talents and using them to bring the message of love and salvation to the masses. Together, they plan on sharing their music, and their stories, with others, so they too may feel the love and presence of Our Father in their lives.

Kate's testimony is a powerful witness to the faithful and never-ending love Our God has for each and every one of us. This band’s mission is to let you all know that no matter what you are going through, what you have been through, or what will happen; no matter what your battles are…God is with you…you’re never fighting alone.

This is a rock show filled with incredible musical ability, genuine talent, and a refreshing honesty that grabs the audience and holds onto them throughout the performance. They've been rocking the stage for the past four years, with a set list ranging from emotion-filled ballads to danceable pop-rock tunes, guaranteed to get you moving! Throw in a little of their new R&B sound, and you have an entertaining show infused with a positive, encouraging message that will take your breath away.

Join HillCity Lights, and take a musical journey with them as they take a stand on the front lines and share His light with the world. This is HillCity Lights…


So Long

Written By: Katie Oelrich and Ben Kasica


Welcome to the aftermath
Life is coming at me way, way too fast
I need a second to catch my breath
And figure out how to make this mess stop
Running from my ultimatums
Try to hide, but then I go and break them again
Target of my own regrets
Shoot me down and bring me back, back again

I need an escape
I’m out of here, running scared

So long, so long
What’s gone wrong’s long gone
I’m a hundred miles away from that wreck
I’m not going back again
So long, so long
What’s gone wrong’s long gone
I’m a hundred miles away from that wreck
Moving on
So long

See them coming and I’ll run for dear life
Should have figured I’m a deer in the headlights
See me shudder when I’m taken by surprise
Now I know better, I won’t fall for it this time
Pull the trigger and I’ll cue the final blow, Uh oh
I need another way to break what’s taking hold
Run for cover I diffuse or I explode
Tick tick with only seconds left to go
I’m out of here, Running scared

Run, run. Run, run.
Run, run! The faster it unfolds
Run, run! Before your heart grows cold
Run, run! You’ve got to get away
Run, run! It’s not safe here to stay
Run, run! No time to react
Run, run! And never looking back

Words and music by Ben Kasica and Katie Oelrich


Written By: Katie Oelrich and Ben Kasica


Am I alone here?
Caught in the fire
Alone and in fear
With the flames growing higher
(Pre Chorus) And I wonder
Where have you gone?
And I wonder
Where’d I go wrong?
You made a promise
Never to go
Can I be honest?
I’ve never felt so alone
(Pre Chorus)

I’m here with you
Always, Always with you
Always, always
The pain may consume you
But I’ll be here pursuing you
Whatever you go through

I lie alone here
Give me a sign
To feel you so near
You’re heart beating in mine
(Pre Chorus)

When you’re on your last breath
You’re at your end
I’ll carry you through
Just reach out your hand
I’m there through the fire
There to defend
Just reach out your hand...
When I’m broken, I know you’re holding me
When I’m broken (when I’m broken, when I’m broken)
When I’m broken, I know you’re holding me
When I’m broken (I feel you, I feel you)
When I am broken (I’m gonna make it)
Whatever you go through

Words and music by Katie Oelrich and Ben Kasica


Written By: Shawn and Michael Cavallo


I love my music with something a bit un-typical
Give me that rhythm and blues with something spiritual
I’ve blown my subwoofer with free at last from DC talk
And cracked my boom box while rockin’ to Petra on the sidewalk
I’ve seen and heard it all from music city to LA
I love the beats but the message isn’t quite the same
I’m sorry if my lyrics say a little something more
And still can get your body moving on the dance floor

I’ve got that gospel music blasting in my stereo
Crank it up, turn this church into a dance floor
I’ve got that gospel music blasting in my stereo
Stereo, stereo
I’ve got that gospel music blasting in my stereo
Feel the voices in the choir burning up my soul
I’ve got that gospel music blasting in my stereo
Stereo, stereo
So crank it up! Crank it up!
Crank it up! Crank it up!

I blast my music so that neighbor’s hear it down the block
I’ve got a PHD from Tennessee on how to rock
Back in the day they told us Christians that we couldn’t dance
That must have changed ‘cause when we do even outsiders glance

It’s amazing to see this music change the lives
Of all the kids these days who struggle to stay in the fight
With Larry Norman to Elvis the king of rock and roll
There’s nothing to be ashamed of blasting that gospel


I crushed my headphones in the pit rocking to P.O.D.
I’ve always thought Newsboys were better live than on CD
I got my poster signed by Toby Mac when I was young
And memorized all of the lyrics to the songs he’s sung

And now they’re saying that good Christian music is dead
They’d rather listen to mainstream radio instead
Well we’ll be rocking Jesus music all throughout the night
With Manic Drive introducing HillCity lights

Words and music by Shawn and Michael Cavallo


Written By: Katie Oelrich


You’ve seen my face, but little do you know
I’ve watched you put on quite a show
One day you hold your hands up high
The other six, you don’t have the time

You walk out those double doors
Where they can’t see you anymore
To the place you know you shouldn’t be
It doesn’t make sense to me

Yeah, yeah
How can I believe
What you say
With the life you lead
You’re looking forward, moving backward
Do you believe
Or are you an impostor

I’m only one but I can guarantee
I’m not the only one who sees
Your life that you put on display
Can’t fool the ones you pushed away

Your actions that you justify
As honest as your other lies
You claim this is what you believe
It doesn’t make sense to me
This doesn’t make sense to me…

(Chorus x2)

(Words and music by Katie Oelrich)

Stand Up

Written By: Katie Oelrich


Look around at what we’ve done.
When will we come to our senses?
We created the problem,
Now where is our solution?

History books aren’t made up
Of those who ride the fences!
I think it’s time to make a scene
And start a revolution!

Time is running out
What are we waiting for?
Be who you’re meant to be,
And stand up, stand up!
Who’s gonna take the first step,
And lead a thousand more
Show them what we fight for!
Stand up, stand up!

We’re headed for a breakdown.
There’s only one way out:
Jump off of this train
Before it crashes and burns!

Why are we so silent?
It’s time to make ourselves heard
Jump up to the plate
Now it’s our turn!

(Chorus x2)

(Words and Music by Katie Oelrich)


HillCity Lights (EP) (2010)

Songs: "So Long" (Ben Kasica & Katie Oelrich)
"Always" (Katie Oelrich & Ben Kasica)
"Stereo" (Shawn Cavallo & Katie Oelrich)
"Impostor" (Katie Oelrich & Shawn Cavallo)
"Stand Up" (Katie Oelrich & Shawn Cavallo)
"Kate's Testimony" (Katie Oelrich)

The first single released, "Stand Up", is currently receiving radio airplay.