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Hill of Giants @ Service for North Hampton Nursing Home

Frederick, Maryland, USA

Frederick, Maryland, USA

Hill of Giants @ Cast the Net Cafe (Coffeehouse)

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Hill of Giants @ SpiritFest 07

Mt. Airy, Maryland, USA

Mt. Airy, Maryland, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Hill of Giants' music ranges from up-tempo rockers to spiritual ballads. Their twelve-track CD is raw yet purposeful with lyrics about faith and God. All four-core members consider their music their ministry. 'Only One Solution' is the opening song featuring a snappy rhythm and vocal inflections blending with hard-hitting guitar leads. 'The Word Love' alternates between a slower more reflective tone and builds momentum to more powerful leads before returning to the slower pace and repeating the cycle throughout the song. Eureka is one of two recent releases for Hill of Giants who plan to forge ahead crafting music with praise and purpose! - Reviewer: Laura T Lynch of Kweevak.com

Artist: Hill of Giants
Title: Eureka
Genre: Christian Rock
Label: Independent
Website: http://www.hillofgiants.org
CD Baby Link: http://cdbaby.com/cd/hillofgiants

The band Hill of Giants are the giants, of music that is, on their new CD Eureka. When you think of Christian music sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll does not come to mind, and it does not have to be about that to be good rock music, sorry to disappoint some of you. In fact, I have heard many Christian rock bands this year that play exciting quality music.

The lyrics delve into the realties of life that we deal with every day except they come at you with a lot of force, driving guitars, a pounding rhythm section, and lead vocals that sound like Billy Joel turned alternative punk rocker. Sounds strange I know, but it works very well and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

There is no sidestepping what this band is about, they are all Christians and want to spread the word of the gospel they way they know best, by rockin’ yer ass off-nothing wrong with that now is there? What better way to reach an audience that was once totally shut out of this great music. There are more and more these bands popping up all over because the message is positive and it works in people’s lives if someone is preaching the word from a pulpit or a rock band is screaming the words at you from a stage.

The bottom line is that Hill of Giants have a great sound, it is raw, edgy, and they end up getting the word out that means so much to them at the same time so everybody wins.
- Keith MuzikMan Hannaleck



In 2005 Hill of Giants released two full albums with there original members Robert, Tony, and Alison. In August of 2005 Alison felt led to move away from music and focus on other areas where the Lord would have her work. This opened the door for Hill of Giants to unknowingly enhance their sound. With the additions of Jay Hutchison on percussion and Slappy Williams on the bass, the music has gone from good to excellent. Finally in October of 2006 the new group was able to rerecord 4 songs. That is only the beginning of the goals for the group.

Robert Globus and his cousin Tony Cario have been playing music together since they were kids. Now accompanied by Slappy on electric bass and Jay on drums, Robert and Tony have realized their dream, a solid rock band that plays music that is both physically and spiritually moving.

"I want to point people towards Jesus." Says Robert. "I want people who are trapped in a negative place to turn the corner and start considering the positive or at least the possibilities."
For Robert, Tony, Rob, and Jay, Hill of Giants is a way to find harmony between their love of music and the spiritual calling that drives them in their lives. Each member maintains an active participation in their local church, outside of their work with the band and playing at various Christian organizations. "If I wasn't doing this I would probably be a pastor somewhere." Says Robert.

The songs on Eureka range from up-tempo rock to slower, soulful ballads. Jay’s drum work and Slappy’s bass lines on the rerecorded songs creates a pulse over which Robert's lyrics and his guitar work flow like poetry. Behind the guitar Tony Cario hovers his keyboard tones along each line creating a poly-rhythmic harmony that is energetic yet soothing.

Hill of Giants is as much about their faith as they are about music. "I want to people to feel the music and get lost in it." Says Robert, and its difficult not to get lost in the music, as Hill of Giants redefines the way many of us think about Christian music creating a harmonic combination that could be at home in any venue.

Still, the spiritual guidance and inspiration that led Hill of Giants to this point is never far from their music and each song serves as a testament to their faith.

"Music allows us to speak to people in a way that no other medium offers." Says Robert, "People will remember a song or a tune long before they would remember a sermon or a conversation." Tony Cario has also felt a spiritual calling to his music. "I really enjoy playing music and leading others into God's throne room of worship."


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Bob Globus was born November 14, 1975 in Baltimore,
MD. He says he's been singing since he was 5 but it
wasn't until he was 16 that he was in his first band
called Catalyst. Since then he's played in a couple of
other bands and numerous incarnations of what is now
known as Hill of Giants. Originally the band name was
"30 Pieces of Silver", but when he went to get the
name copyrighted he found out there was another group
out there with the same name. Thus the name Hill of
Giants was born in 2002.

Bob feels he is most influenced by artist Steve
Taylor, but he also looks up to Keith Green, Petra,
and Rich Mullins. On the secular side, he names U2,
the Beatles, Mozart, and although it took him a while
to warm up to them, Nirvana. He also names Jimi
Hendrix and in particular the way he composed his
songs. "He was able to convey a lot of feeling in his
solos - a lot of guitarists can't do that."

His first instrument of choice was actually the bass,
but at the age of 18 he decided to commit himself to
learning guitar. Through many years of hard work he
has proven that desire is more important than just
having raw talent.

Tony Cario was born January 10th, 1975 in Pittsburgh,
PA. He has been playing keyboard since the age of 14
with his cousin and bandmate, lead singer Bob Globus.
He was a member of various bands throughout high
school and continued to play and write music with Bob
throughout his twenties.

Tony's musical influences are Petra, Carman, Rich
Mullins, Genesis, Queen, and U2. He says he really
wanted play drums at first but his father thought it
would benefit him to have a few years of piano under
his belt. He never made the switch back except for a
spell when the band needed a drummer for a short time.

Being in a band has helped Tony to be more outgoing,
and he's learned how to listen to the viewpoints of
all the band members with patience. Not only does Tony
love playing music, but he feels that he's been called
to "minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ to churches
through music" with the band. He hopes to be
travelling full time with the band as of next year.

Rob Williams was born August 1st, 1954 in Chicago. He
received his first bass as a thirteen year-old, and
moved to Washington D.C. shortly thereafter in 1968.
He belonged to the #1 R&B group in D.C. in 1977 named
"Enjoy", and played live alongside various artists
including Skip Maloney, Al Johnson, and Vaughn Mason &
Crew. In 1978 he started a studio for local artists to
record demos and did some self-recording of his own.

His musical influences include Earth, Wind & Fire,
Witness, Larry Brown, and Sly and the Family stone.
When asked why he chose to stick with the bass, he
answered, "Well, I couldn't get my fingers to form
Rob, also known to the band members as "Slappy" met
Jay Hutchison, the band's drummer, in 2002. They had
talked about forming a group together, but the timing
wasn't right until June of 2006. The addition of Rob
as bass player has added more "soul" to the band,
according to lead singer Bob Globus. Rob also feels
that since joining he has reached a spiritual pinnacle
with his bandmates.

For the future, Rob's wishes are for the band to
record professionally so that they may spread their
ministry nationally.

Jay Hutchison was born May 15th, 1958 in (insert city
and state here). Since the age of thirteen, Jay has
played with numerous secular bands and musical artists
such as B.B. King, Bonnie Raitt, and Bo Diddly. He
also performed studio work behind David Sanborn,
Johnny Thomson (R.E.O. Speedwagon) and Donna Summers.

According to Jay, he eventually realized he was
playing for the wrong reason - money, and for the
wrong person - himself. He now chooses to glorify God
for the talents given to him through his percussions.
Jay's philosophy on music is that it makes you feel
something, and he wants you to "feel God through my
playing and percussions and to see Jesus in my music."

Jay joined the band late in the summer of 2005.