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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"SongWriters Tip Jar, Issue 86, Oct 17, 2003"


Here's an email we received regarding last week's ezine.

Hi Robert and Dan

In Issue 84 you encouraged us to take up the unusual
creative challenge on http://crapart.spacebar.org/aad/

Well, I encouraged my youngest son, Timothy, who goes by the
name Tim L at Hillside Manna Recordings (HMR) to do just
that. He took up the challenge last week Wednesday 10/15 to
Thursday 10/16 and ran with it, finishing 11 tracks in just
under 23 hours without any sleep. He started 5 hours after
he had woken up that day, which made his day even longer.

He was exhausted at the end of it and is still in a recovery
process, however, he was encouraged by the creative process
experience and learned a lot about his own talent and
abilities. I would like to encourage more subscribers to
take up the challenge and provide comment. I'm quite
certain that they will find it rewarding and will learn more
about their own talent and abilities.

We used http://www.lulu.com to upload the album and provide
it free (one of the constraints) to anyone wishing to hear
it. I thought your subscribers should know about this
website as well as the fact that it also provides an
e-commerce platform to sell their music and other creations.
Tim L is listed as http://www.lulu.com/timl or

He only managed 19:12 in total, however his entry was
approved last evening with penalties for not making the 20
minute requirement and added to

Thank you for a great resource. I really enjoy weekly

Cheers for now!

Daniel K Wentzel

And here is Tim L's listing on Album-A-Day.

Tim L - Tim L Album-A-Day Volume 1 (11 songs, 19:12) DJ Tim
from South Africa writes, "This album was written,
performed, recorded, mixed and mastered, solo in just less
than 23 hours; with no sleep break in-between. It just
misses the 20 minute mark. I certainly hope that this does
not count against me. I tried a mixture of short songs with
the shortest track being 0:35 and the longest track being
4:41. Everything was done by yours truly. No ideas were
chosen before the day, which I found encouraged the creative
process. So what you are about to listen to is 110%
original." Well, I'm pretty sure that Tim gets -1,000
points for not hitting 20 minutes, but, close enough!

Published by Daniel David Johnson & Robert Patrick Cote
- Published by Daniel David Johnson & Robert Patrick Cote

"Spin: The Web; SOUND FILES; We like short shorts!"

Read what Douglas Wolk had to say about Album A Day artists:

http://radar.spacebar.org/img.shtml?l=1&n=23&backlink=.%3Fmonth%3D5%26year%3D2002 - Douglas Wolk

"Album a Day Website"

See the following website for more details:

http://crapart.spacebar.org/aad/ - Tom 7 Radar

"SongWriters Tip Jar, Issue 89, Nov 7, 2003"

Another Album-a-Day Report

Hi Robert and Dan

Just a short note to let you know that Tim L has completed
another contribution to the Album-a-Day challenge. Once
again he has alluded to the fact that it has helped him come
up with songs that can be further developed.

His comments are as follows: "This is my second effort and
it went much smoother. I completed the project in just
under 21 hours. I am really enjoying the creative challenge
this provides to my talent. If I can analogize: It's like
unpacking the attic in anticipation of finding something
really interesting. I hope you enjoy it."

Daniel K Wentzel

[ Keep up the good work, Tim. - Editors ]

Check out the Album-a-day site at:

- Editors: Daniel David Johnson & Robert Patrick Cote


Album-A-Day Challenge:

1. Volume 1 (11 songs including a preview song: Free the Mind)

2. Volume 2 (11 songs including a preview song: Where?)


Feeling a bit camera shy


HMR is a group as well as an organisation whose aim is the development and promotion of dj's and producers.

We believe that South Africa can provide the same quality music, if not better, in the international market.