Hillside Manor

Hillside Manor


Hillside Manor is a fresh-faced Alt/Rock quartet out of Marietta, GA. Performing together for just over two years now, we have had some tremedous success in a short amount of time. Our fanbase is starting to build largely in the Southeastern US.


Hillside Manor is emerging as a band that pours out passion onstage, creating a unique synergy and heartfelt atmosphere in their persona. They have produced new sounds and experimented with musicality in the time they've been together; and even though school and work have separated them by hundreds of miles in the past,Kyle, Josh, Billy, and Patrick have stayed close to the bond that created the foundation for the band. When all four members are brought together to perform, it comes with ease.

Experience and emotions are the driving forces behind the music and can be found in every aspect of Hillside Manors presence, image, and live shows. The bands fluid sound compliments the mood of the songs naturally, generating the obvious chemistry between each band mate. This sound cannot be mimicked because it comes from such an organic place, friendship. Live shows bring the listener into the inner circle of Hillside Manor and in every song one can see the unbreakable bond that keeps the bands potential strong.

When it comes down to what makes a band successful, its all about accessibility. Hillside Manor is making music that people can relate to because each song is written with genuine feeling. The bands image isnt one of ego or pretense, its simply four guys, making something real that audiences everywhere can hold onto.


-December 2004, Independently released "Peace At Parnell." A 9 song demo.
-May 2005, Independently released a self-titled, 6 song EP.
-March 2005, Independent Release of 3 song Sampler for Touring.
-September 2006 Independently released EP

Set List

Our typical set list includes 10 songs (depending on set length). We will usually play 8 original songs, and 2 covers for a show where we are promoting our music. The covers could include any music from the following artists: Dave Matthews Band, Foo Fighters, The Wallflowers, Counting Crows, Coldplay, The Beatles, Ben Folds, Pink Floyd, etc.

We enjoy playing lots of different types of covers, and transforming them into our own style.

If we are playing a party, or an event where mostly covers are needed, we could play for roughly 4 hours.

1. Digital
2. Perfect Silence
3. Summer Fix
4. One Headlight (The Wallflowers)
5. My Half
6. Now That I'm Around
7. Bloom
8. Another Round (Foo Fighters)
9. Regular Days
10. Holding Their Emotions