Hilltop Distillery

Hilltop Distillery


A trio of organized/improvised musicianship, with an emphasis on self expression. Thriving on ever changing phrases of melody, noise, and rhythm, Hilltop creates a sound that realizes new shapes and forms each performance.


"Always tossing and turning. Always making you pay attention. Hilltop Distillery takes free-form off-kilter music and runs with it, making perfect sense and almost embarrassing all of the straightforward rock that's being made." Rob Heater, www.sponiczine.com; 2004

Tucked just inside the Northern Kentucky border, hailing from the south banks of the Ohio River, Hilltop Distillery, since 1998, have co-existed and evolved to form a trio of organized/improvised musicianship. They have appeared on numerous compilations and are currently finishing their third album.

Thriving on ever-changing phrases of melody, noise, and rhythm, Hilltop, having played hundreds of shows throughout the midwest and eastcoast have developed and crafted a sound that realizes new shapes and forms each performance.

"...distinctly original, and it's hard to say that these days. They use standard instruments in non-standard ways, utilizing all sorts of production techniques as well as honest-to-god inventive playing to achieve some impressive results.

...Hilltop Distillery not only understand the limits of musical structure incredibly well, but they've learned how to push, bend, and warp these limits without ever breaking them and producing something lifeless or unlistenable." Justin Kownacki, www.splendidzine.com; 2004

"Streaming free-form yet seemingly carefully developed, Hilltop Distillery's aural concoctions are refreshingly free of pretense and contrivance." City Beat, Mike Breen; 2004 Cincinnati, OH/weekly


1) "Commonwealth Trio" ep 2000

2) "...died in the woods" lp 2002

3) Third lp due out 2005


1) DataWasLost Recordings "one,
two, three" 2003 featuring the
Hilltop track "Host Of A Chance"

2) DataWasLost Recordings "Beep, Click, Strum, Sing" 2004
featuring the Hilltop track "Roads"

3) Organelle "Various Artists" 2004
featuring the Hilltop track "Canal"

4) "I Love" Tokyo Rose Records Compilation 2005
featuring the Hilltop track "The Act Of Riding"

Set List

our typical set list would include these songs, Roads, 8 Ohm, Ky Suite, To The Damn, The Act of Riding, Canal, Host of A Chance, New 3. we usually play about 40min sets. we do not play any covers.