Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush


We are a young band from Ojai, CA that plays psychedelic dance rock that gets the audience on their feet. Hear/Say Magazine said this about us: "They manage to pull off the rough sound of a classic indie rock band without sounding fake."


After forming Hindu Kush in late 2007, Eli, Nate and Logan have written nearly 30 songs, embracing a synergy that can’t be denied. Nathaniel's solid bass lines go hand-in-hand with Logan’s energetic drum style. Together, the two support and complement Eli’s refined yet experimental guitar playing. The instruments are topped by Eli’s versatile voice, which narrates topics ranging from the ethereal, thru current events into everyday life. Though the band is essentially a power trio with an arsenal of songs, they are accompanied by a formidable violinist named Pablo on many of their tracks.

One original song, "Day Fire" is featured in the new Warner Brother's film, "Lost Boys 2: The Tribe," due out mid-summer, 2008.

In February, Hindu Kush beat 75 other bands in the LA area to win $2,500 and first place in the B.B. King's 2008 Battle of the Bands!

“As Hindu Kush, it is our goal to expand the minds of the popular culture through psychedelic dance rock music with true, powerful lyrics. The songs we write reflect the meaningful experiences that have shaped who we are and our ideals on today’s society. Most of all, we just love to get the crowd moving and share our passion with others.” - Hindu Kush


We have a demo and videos on our website: www.myspace.com/hindukushojai

check out the links below if you have some time, and be sure to buy our demo on itunes if you like it!

Set List

We have nearly 30 original songs, and 5 kick ass covers. We generally split our set in half with one half being heavy rock and the other half being more melodic with our violin player.