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Drummoyne, New South Wales, Australia | SELF

Drummoyne, New South Wales, Australia | SELF
Band EDM Avant-garde


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Excerpts from Reviews"

So entertaining and intriguing ... often stretching up into the fifteen minute range, and yet never, ever gets boring … has been on endless repeat in my stereo for the past week ... Stylusmagazine (US) ... schizophrenic suites with pop sensibilities … Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) ... mesmerisingly beautiful ... Drum Media (Australia) … constructed with the upmost care, gentle but invigorating and most of all, unfathomably accessible, if only all electronic music could be this good … Tasty Fanzine (UK) ... structured with great detail for composition and with much care for the execution ... on this road a major succes album can be found, one day ... Vital Weekly (Netherlands) … merging of pop sensibilities, lilting electronic passages and the occasional burst of experimental sound texture … enjoyable and eclectic … Realtime Arts (Australia) ... charmant ... De: Bug (Germany) ... peut-être une quête de stabilité comme le contrecoup du retour aux sources de son créateur ... Obskure (France) ... besitzt nicht nur als Komponist, sondern auch als Arrangeur und Produzent geniale Züge … Satt (Germany) ... manifestando talvolta umori non proprio esaltanti che guardano al rock sinfonico ... All About Jazz (Italy) ... as if the elements made this music up in the clouds during an airplane trip ... Pulse Niagara (Canada) … der ungekrönte Avantpopkönig unserer Tage ... Auf Abwegen (Germany) ... a strangely accessible, weirdly logical yet bizarrely constructed series of suites ... everything is not just interesting and challenging but more importantly enjoyable ... Cyclic Defrost (Australia) ... ganz natürlich, mit einem eigenen Charme, der sowohl zeitlos ist, als dass er auch die Entwicklungen der letzten Jahrzehnte reflektiert ... Hayfever (Germany) ... great set loaded with crazily wide musical reference points … Julian Knowles (Australia) ... Hinterlandt is definitely a revelation of kinds ... Cracked (Austria) ... the view through a newborn calculator, taking its first taste of solar power ... beautifully elegant and structured, very recommended ... Tesselate (UK) ... a sound constructed by vast experience over land and seas, cultures and languages that is pieced together in a truly globalised package ... Ozmusicproject (Australia) ... Pop-Melodien, Song-Strukturen und Gitarren-Soli mischen sich zwischen die Beats, Clicks'n'Cuts, Geräusche ... Trust (Germany) ... a strange form of prog electronics that is nothing short of jaw dropping ... Cyclic Defrost (Australia) ... faszinierend ... Piranha (Germany) ... die Virtuosität, mit der er eine derartig große Vielzahl von Genres beherrscht, ist wirklich enorm ... Gebrauchtemusik (Germany) - Various International Sources


Hinterlandt: “All Things Considered” USB Stick
2009 Hinterlandt Germany – All Things Considered displays the Gebhard/Voigt/Gutsch trio in full swing. This one is a bit of a rock animal, spiced up with some dub, some trumpet, and lots of guitar feedback. It’s loud, but it’s never boring.

Hinterlandt: “Automatic Teller Machine” CD
2006 Sopot Records Germany – The pop song spirit is in full bloom on this one. Friendly melodies are spun into a web of uncommon additives, making up eight little gems between guitar-based songwriting and electronic production.

Hinterlandt: “No Fixed Address” CDR
2006 Neus318 Japan – Evolving from its experimental background, Hinterlandt is clearly opening its doors to the pop song format. Guitars and vocals feature more prominently, at times it’s almost singer-songwriter stuff.

Hinterlandt: “New Belief System” CD
2004 Alias Frequencies Australia – Landmark record offering mostly electronic tracks with some hand-played instruments thrown in for good measure. Driving beats, unusual sounds, some harmonies, and an XTC cover song.

Hinterlandt / Zu / Can Can Heads: “Eccentrics#1? Split CD
2004 Tenzenmen Australia – CD featuring ca. 20 minutes each from Hinterlandt, Italy’s free-jazz-rockers Zu, and Finland’s Beefheart-meets-Flipper noisepunks Can Can Heads. Hinterlandt goes very rough and angry here.

Hinterlandt: “Poprekordt” CDR
2004 Dhyana Records Germany – First release to contain more conventional instruments, melodies, harmonies and rhythms. Still, all tracks are over 13 mintes. For some reason, the critics really loved this album.

Hinterlandt: “The Power Of Del te” CDR
2004 Grain Of Sound Portugal – Ultra-minimalist 43+ minute piece based on tiny sound bits and accidental noises. The spaces in between events outweigh the events themselves. Easily Hinterlandt’s most experimental output to date.

Hinterlandt and Karri O.: “Sitting, Going Places” CD
2003 Abflug Records Finland – Four tracks in 45 minutes, describing mind motions on long-distance flights. An ambient collage type style is balanced with electro-dance music. Includes a video by Fininsh minimal techno artist Karri O.

Hinterlandt: “Bo Cheng Hu” CDR
2003 CUE Records Japan – One monstrous 42+ minute composition that ventures from melancholy piano sound collage techinques via disturbing beats and electro-accoustic passages to long sections of pure, serious noise.

Hinterlandt: “Traumdeutung” CDR
2003 CUE Records Japan – Five weird and dreamy sound scapes in about 26 minutes. Psychedelic neo-digital rides through analogue cafes and cut-up markets. Early work in rough sound.

”Artless Armchair” CD 2010 Lesstalk Records Australia
Hinterlandt, Jess Locke, Origami Girls, Michael Crafter, Aktion Unit, etc.
?”Raketetapete” CD 2007 Parapop Records Germany
Hinterlandt, Wechsel Garland, Japanther, Harald “Sack” Ziegler, etc.
“Alpenglühen” CDR 2007 Dhyana Records Germany
Hinterlandt, Pit Przygodda, Reebosound, Ilse Lau, The Trashlords, etc.
“Drugi Disco” CDR 2004 Dhyana Records Germany
Hinterlandt, Panzerboy666, Pit, Jean Bach, Gerald Fiebig, Boozle Bam, etc.
“Acid Fake” CDR 2003 Acid Fake Records Macedonia
Hinterlandt, Andrew Duke, Goose, Phil Thomson, Every Kid On Speed, etc.
“Comeco” CDR 2002 Dhyana Records Germany
Hinterlandt, Die Grenzlandreiter, V., Sputnik Booster, Jugendstil, etc.



Hinterlandt is a German-Australian solo outfit playing long compositions encompassing raw energy, beautiful harmonies, complex rhythms, fragile ambiences, alarming noise, and silence. Using a variety of instruments, Hinterlandt is not afraid of radically changing territory while carefully avoiding genre-hopping. Hinterlandt has taken on many guises and constantly changes shape and colour. Hinterlandt has played in places such as Helsinki, Sydney, London, Cologne, Rome, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Lisbon, Berlin, and many others. Ten albums have been released on nine small labels in five countries.