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No programmed beats, playing music off a CD for shows, or gimmicks. Just REAL hip hop music. Hiphopotamus is a social conscious, positive hip hop band. A mix of rap with instruments and turntables. Old School, new school, underground; we're influenced by everything and refuse to fall into one sound.


We have played with/at:
Flobots (Tulsa, OK at the Cain's Ballroom. October 2008)
Matisyahu (Tulsa, OK at the Cain's Ballroom. June 2008)
D Fest Music Festival and Conference (Tulsa, OK) 2007
Wakarusa Music and Camping Festival (Lawerance, KS) 2008
Blueprint (Rhymesayers Records)
Hello Stranger (Four Square Death Match Records)
Johnny Polygon (Future Green Entertainment)
P.D.A. (Yeah Siam Records)
Vito Ninefingers/SocietySociety
Circa 360
just to name a few.

We came togather in August 2006 because we wanted to do something different than all the other hip hop acts that are out there. Somehow our sound has evolved into what it has become today. We play music that we like, and we know other people will like when they hear us. Our backgrounds are all different (from classic rock, house and D&B, punk and ska, rap, garage indie rock, of course hip hip, and everything in between), but all the influences come togather to make a unique sound that I can guarintee you haven't heard before.


Album in progress. For recording blog, visit

Set List

We have up to an hour and 20 minutes worth of origional material. We have one cover in our repertoire, called Reflections by the artist Atmosphere.

We have recently started doing small acoustic sets depending on the situation. These consist of acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, piano if available, and emcee.