Hip Kitty

Hip Kitty


All Around... In Your Face... Super sexy... GREAT AMERICAN music...


Since exploding onto the music scene in 2004, Hip Kitty is truly a one of a kind band. They are taking the scene by storm and have evolved into one of the best bands in the nation. Their sound is fresh, innovative and original, the vocals are passionate and the instruments are tight and precise. Jen Halverson, lead vocalist, with no question defines the “true front person”. All hell breaks loose with her wide vocal range and sexy and sassy stage presence. Lead guitarist / vocalist, Mike Goncalves was born and raised in New Jersey. There is no question as to who his influences are as they are reborn through his guitar playing. Accompanied by keyboardist / vocalist, Gary Bennett, they bring down the house through power guitar riffs and melodies. Arick Seal, the drummer, the foundation of Hip Kitty keeps the music locked down with tight beats and rhythmic patterns sure to blow your mind. Hip Kitty calls their music “true” and “tunes people can relate to”, which makes it fit for dudes and chicks of any age.

Namaste' International, LLC
Robin McNeil


"My Forgiveness"

Set List

Hollywood Hills - (K. Wayne)
Just a Little Girl - (K. Wayne, J. Halverson, E. Hoffman)
Drama Queen - (K. Wayne)
My Kat - (D. Cunningham, M. Goncalves, J. Halverson, G. Bennett, A. Seal)
Runaway - (K. Wayne, M. Goncalves, J. Halverson, E. Hoffman)
For Cryin' Out Loud - (K. Wayne)
Ain't No Doubt (featering Ronzo) - (K. Wayne, R. Cartwright)
Motorcylce - (K. Wayne, M. Goncalves)
Can You Relate - (K. Wayne, M. Goncalves, J. Halverson)
I Think of You Again - (K. Wayne, R. Cartwright)
Rock N' Roll Girl - (K. Wayne, G. Simmons, P. Stanley)
Always On My Mind (bonus track) - (W. Nelson)

Hip Kitty can play just about any cover under the sun and can give the audience what they need with a full nights worth of entertainment.

They usually run with 4 (1 hour) sets.