Hip Mo' Toast

Hip Mo' Toast

 Perth, Western Australia, AUS

Ranging from elegant cocktail music to downright funky grooves, from heart-rending ballads to light Latin moods, from the sublime to the ridiculous, but always with a great sense of humour and taste, Hip Mo’ Toast is a Western Australian institution when it comes to fun and sophisticated jazz music.


Hip Mo’ Toast‘s beginnings were humble but auspicious – in early 1997, four jazz students at the Western Australian Academy Of Performing Arts realised the need for a jazz band that was entertaining and made people feel good! The band landed a regular gig at the Ultralounge, a Mount Lawley restaurant, and played there for the better part of a year, even before coming up with a name for themselves, which proved to be a more difficult task than was ever thought possible. How to find a simple phrase that summed up the enigma that was causing hundreds of happy diners to become expert finger-snappers every Wednesday night? Well after many band meetings and bottles of red wine it was decided. Hip, because they are, Mo’, because it sounds good, and Toast, because everyone loves toast!

The young Hip Mo’ Toast cut their collective chompers on restaurant gigs and parties, and were soon being clamoured for further afield, and to date have played literally thousands of performances from family picnics to international jazz festivals.

Hip Mo’ Toast performance highlights to date include the Perth International Festival Verandah Club (2004), luxury ocean liner MV Europa (2004), Fremantle International Jazz Festival (2001), South Perth Fiesta (2001, 2002, 2003), the Geraldton Sea Jazz Spectacular (1998, 1999, 2000), York Jazz Festival (1998) and annual performances for the Perth Jazz Society, Jazz Fremantle and the Jazz Club of WA.

A year after the band’s birth, Hip Mo’ Toast was asked to augment itself for a performance at the Perth Zoo’s Centenary celebration. The opportunity was not wasted and the quartet became the awesome fourteen-piece all-star Hip Mo’ Toast Big Band, boasting a nine-piece horn section carefully selected from Perth’s leading jazzmen. Within a year, the big band had landed a Friday residency at the now-defunct Greenwich Bar. Following Greenwich’s closure, the big band took its roof-raising antics to the Varga Lounge, where it stayed for an unbelievable 15 months. During this time the big band recorded its first EP, Hip Mo’ Toast Big Band Live, which is itself a testimonial to the vibe this band creates.

The quartet was still doing well and became a quintet to further the cause. Having already made a commercially successful demo album (Introducing Hip Mo’ Toast) in 1999, the quintet decided to go for the big guns and in 2002 recorded a full-length studio album, Uptown Tight. Hip Mo’ Toast featured songs from this album on two tours (2001, 2002) to Sydney and Melbourne where they played at the Basement and Bennett’s Lane respectively. Hip Mo’ Toast won the 2000 Perth Jazz Society Award in recognition of “artistic excellence in performance and outstanding contribution by a group in the area of innovation and jazz advocacy” and has won the Western Australian Music Industry Association Award for Best Original Jazz Act for six consecutive years – 2000 - 2005.

In December of 2003 the Hip Mo’ Toast Big Band released ‘Mischievous Girl’ - a new full-length big band studio album featuring many of the band members’ original compositions. The album puts guest vocalist James Flynn to work and also brings to rip-roaring life an arrangement written especially for the Hip Mo’ Toast Big Band by the one and only Maestro Tommy Tycho.

Led by Perth’s leading jazz vocalist Libby Hammer, Hip Mo’ Toast continues to work around town at jazz clubs and private functions to ever-increasing acclaim, whilst also nurturing plans to spread their wings and take a little more to the sky in the future - so keep your eyes peeled!



Written By: Peter Guazzelli

The way you walk is like a sunny day
Spring sprung every cloud away
You’re fine and your love’s to me
Just like honey from the bee

Birds fly and the fish they swim
Bees bumble and my heart it sings
With you it will always be
Sweet like honey from the bee

You’re the sweetest thing I’ve ever known
I am yours and I am yours alone
You’re my thing and I’m your queen
Come and be my honeybee

So hear the buzz, here’s what the flowers say
You love me gonna come my way
Beeline, we’ll make it naturally
Just like honey from the bee

Forgive Me

Written By: Graeme Blevins

Did I forget to tell you of the surety of heart
That I neglect in retrospect to mention
I was a fool to think our love was happy ever after
Now I ask

Forgive me for singing our song
For waking you with kisses
I didn’t know they were wrong
For offering you breakfast
With adoring sense of love’s
early morning swept all over me
Hearts can lie, hearts can fall
Why should I ask you to

Forgive me for writing silly songs
I thought that you loved them
I thought I heard you sing along
I thought that love was post-it notes on your windscreen, thoughts of dual life-long dreaming
Maybe kissing while it’s raining
Skin to skin, heart to heart
Looks like I was wrong
How was I supposed to know you’d leave me
Leave me
Leave me
Leave me

Forgive me
Forgive me
Forgive me for loving you

Anyone Home?

Written By: Shane Pooley, Libby Hammer

Anyone there? I know you can hear me
I’m well aware that you keep your ear to the ground

Get on the line, ‘coz you are invited
Quarter to nine, we’re having a night on the town

Said, “I swear, I’ll be there”
And now you’ve got me lookin’ like a square
On the phone, on my own
Not once, not twice, because you never ever

Pick up the phone, are you in the shower?
Anyone home? You’ve got half an hour to come ‘round

Anyone there? I know you can hear me
I’m well aware that you keep your ear to the ground

Get on the line, ‘coz you are invited
Quarter to nine, we’re having a night on the town

Said, “I swear, I’ll be there”
And now you’ve got me lookin’ like a square
On the phone, on my own
Not once, not twice, because you never ever

Pick up the phone, so what’s the idea?
Anyone home? I guess I’ll just see you around...

My Wee Bonita

Written By: Grant Windsor, Libby Hammer

In a distant land where romance took my hand
I met a girl whose eyes were like a storm
Her tempting charms would set off fire alarms
She danced into the night and love was born

She possesses a certain mystique
Hipnotises and makes you go weak
You see Señor, some say that “less is more”
The girl had something no-one could ignore

She was a cracker jacker wacker smacker packa full of Aka Daka
Girl who liked to have herself a ball
But in the end it didn’t matter ‘cos the girl who liked to chatter
Only came in at a tiny three foot tall
Still all the men would go insane, a chance to dance with her again
Would have them lining up at her front door
She was a weiner, a dreamer, a teeny dancing queena
And you really couldn’t beat her on the floor

Up like a wizzy fizzy busy kissy bird and dizzy birdland missy
She would have a night out on the town
And all the boysies with their toysies making noisies to get joysies
Would move heaven if they just could flag her down
Oh but she doesn’t give a rats bananarama roller rink
Because she’s out there getting down tonight
There is no meaner, or leaner, teeny signorina and she’s
Surely gonna set your heart alight

With a microphone and a swingin’ band
She sings a storm up every night
And the guys line up, wanna be her man
And all the boys go (mm mm) when she walks by

Rockin’ like a woppin’ boppin’ doowop singin’ popper crackin’
Whips to bring it on again
My wee bonita getting sweeter by the margarita litre
Want to eat her like pack of vitamin
There’s no comparing to the raring of the daring she is wearing
Baring funky chicken moves to burn
There is no sweeter, granita or neater señorita
And she’s surely got a lesson you could learn


and you simply couldn’t beat Bonita
No you couldn’t beat Bonita
My wee Bonita from Mexico Way

My Hometown

Written By: Libby Hammer

The hustle and the bustle of the noisy city street
The tiny little café where I stopped to rest my feet
The leafy promenade that runs along the shore
Makes me long to be there once more
You may think my reverie carries me to Paree
Or New York or London or Rome
But no, it’s the place I call home

In my hometown the view of everything
Is upside-down, it’s true, that’s why they swing
Despite the isolation, sophistication is what they possess
Style and finesse, but nevertheless

In my hometown the folks all smile and wave
In my hometown the blokes are strong and brave
And you’ll begin to grin like some happy clown
When you have been to my hometown!

One look at any map’ll
Lead you to the place that I adore
It’s my own little apple
Nestled right on the Swanee shore
If you care to place wager
Then I’ll gladly bet the major
Towns would die for their landmarks
Like lakes and parks
Like snakes and sharks

And when you think that’s all there is to sightsee, oh!
When my baby smiles at me I go to Freo!

Freeways, Broadways, Fourth and Main
Valleys, hills, a rolling plain
Busy malls and big hotels
How I love those city smells
Ferry rides and carousels
Bright lights, bridges, nightclubs, they’ve got bells!

In my hometown the sky is never gray
They never frown or cry, so don’t delay
Enjoy some relaxation and recreation on your holiday
Whenever you stay in WA!

So come on down and spend a day or three
In my hometown, my friend, and you’ll agree
No place on earth is worth an ounce of renown
Compared to Perth, that’s my hometown!

Dreaming Of Love

Written By: Libby Hammer

Morning comes
Slow to get started, I’ve places to be
I’m sipping my tea but I’m dreaming of love
Oh I’m dreaming of love, I’m dreaming of love

On the train
All this smiling is making them stare
I’m paying the fare but I’m dreaming of love
Oh, I’m dreaming of love

I can’t remember when life was so much fun
Though I’m more or less alone
It’s a wonder that I still get things done
A deep breath and then
There it is again

Every night
Finds me lost in some made-up affair
I’m brushing my hair but I’m dreaming of love
Yes, I’m dreaming of love, I’m dreaming of love


Mischievous Girl, Hip Mo' Toast Big Band 2003 (full-length studio album)

Uptown Tight, Hip Mo' Toast 2002 (full-length studio album)

Hip Mo' Toast Big Band Live, Hip Mo' Toast Big Band 2001 (EP)

Introducing Hip Mo' Toast, Hip Mo' Toast 1999 (EP)

Set List

HIP MO’ TOAST REPERTOIRE 2005 • Agua De Beber • Ain’t That a Kick in the Head • Alfie • All Blues • All of Me • All That Jazz • Alley Cat Song • Almost Like Being in Love • Alone Together • Angel Eyes • Anyone Who Had a Heart • April After All • As Time Goes By • At Last • A-Train • Autumn Leaves • Baubles, Bangles and Beads • Beat Goes On • Beat of My Heart • Beautiful Love • Bernie’s Tune • Besame Mucho • Best Is Yet To Come • Better Than Anything • Big Spender • Black Coffee • Blame It On the Bossa Nova • Blue In Green • Blue Moon • Blue Skies • Blue Velvet • Body and Soul • Boy From Ipanema • Build Me Up Buttercup • Buona Sera Signorina, Buona Sera • But Beautiful • But Not For Me • Bye Bye Blackbird • Bye Bye Blues • Bye Bye Love • C’est Si Bon • Cajun Moon • Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You • Charade • Cheek to Cheek • Close To You • Come Away With Me • Come Dance With Me • Come Fly with Me • Come Rain Or Come Shine • Comin’ Home Baby • Cool Baby • Cool Cat Blues • Crazy • Cry Me A