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"In Your Ear!"

So, yes. Hippie Cream is the topic of the day, it would seem. I got a copy of their latest outing, In Your Ear, in the mail a few days ago… and yeah. It’s a highly original, yet defiantly lo-fi and uncompromising half hour of what the group might describe as “noise pudding”. The bandmembers don’t really seem to be all that concerned with trying to box themselves into any scene or movement… no, much like Danielson, these cats seem to want to just let the music flow through themselves in the most organic way possible, and as long as the joy they felt while making the records is apparent, then the rest is gravy.

And I really hope I’m right about that last statement, because truth be told, In Your Ear is a fun, yet sloppy mess of a record with nary a reference point in my own feild of musical expertise. I guess you could call it “outsider” music, what with the off-kilter instruments flowing in and out of the get-in-get-out song arrangements and the often silly voices the group utilizes to emote the lyrics, so… yeah, that’s probably a somewhat accurate tag. But really, trying to pigeonhole the group any further will simply make your fucking head explode.
- retrolowfi.com

"Strange and Wonderful"

Hippie Cream’s name explains their strange mix of sounds. Equal parts late-60s psych folk whimsy, current folk and catchy pop, B-Movies on Parade will send the listener back and forth through a maze of amazing oddities and simple melodies. The album is like playing chess, never knowing what move is ahead for the opponent or where your next move might take you as well. In other words, Hippie Cream will keep you on your toes whether it be in suspense, wonderment while you try and look ahead to the next track like looking over a fence of a strange neighbor’s yard, or just to dance. There is almost no point in saying eclectic but I just said it so there you go. The home recordings have an innocence and honesty to them that almost seem improvised, the words strange, the music moving.
- Uncommon Folk

"Hippie Cream Ahoy!"

This band treads the same weathered sonic path as Daniel Johnston and the Moldy Peaches but with fresh, young feet. These sonic jackalopes have hidden their catchy tunes under layers of high desert weirdness, the results causing listeners to scratch their heads, tap their toes, and stroke their beards. This is sonic Ritalin for your inner child.
- download.com


On The Moon (2009)
Topiary Dreams (2008)
In Your Ear! (2007)
Strangers in the Basement (2005)
B-Movies On Parade (2004)
Space Fruit (2003)
Is Today Tomorrow? (2002)
Code Name: Cola (2001)



Hippie Cream began as an experimental bedroom recording project in 2001, but over the last few years have blossomed into an excitingly strange and electric live act. They are currently making the rounds of the Los Angeles and Ventura county clubs, senior homes, and sideshow fairs. Hippie Cream are currently promoting their latest release "On the Moon", an eclectic mix of punk, folk, country, and sing along sea shanties.