Hippocrypt & The Metro Gnomes

Hippocrypt & The Metro Gnomes

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Our music i reminiscent of Against Me!/Bob Dylan/ Bright Eyes. We have an array of musicians play with the band so every show is different, and we encourage our audience to join in the fun on stage. Our music is relevant to our own experiences and we put on a hell of a live show!


The band itself is a revolving door collective where musicians come in and out as they wish. Our sound can be described by our three biggest influences as a group: Against Me!, Bob Dylan, and Conor Oberst. Other audience descriptions of our "Marxist Me! EP" are: "a mixture of Folk and Punk music", and "provocatively original, breaks your heart and brings it back to beating". The band is originally from Miami, FL where they gigged out for a bit before moving the project to Boston, MA to get closer to what it considered its respective scene/audience. Being a collective, and not just a standard number piece band, makes recording, touring, and especially gigging very different from other bands as one show it may be Ronald singing his heart out on his own or with a stranger from the crowd that knows the song by heart, and on other occasions we've had up to 11 people playing anything from a hack saw, to a series of tuned bottles filled with water. All the shows are different and unique as you never know what you might get from a Hippocrypt show. The band is very dedicated to DIY mindsets as we book our own tours and record our own music with our own equipment. The band has also been known to play shows with band members from other acts as musicians are encouraged to contribute their talents to anything Hippocrypt does including touring, recording, and gigging.


I Fell Off Bonnie When I Was Young

Written By: Ronald Baez, Eduardo Santa-Maria

we can make it through the night./day/years
we can make it through I swear
i love you and i need you
though i'd really love to stay
I'll dream of you tonight right through the day./ the streetlight's on, my dreams are washed away/ my mom told me to put my bike away

I swore I'd throw a fit
like raging Palin lunatics
and all the world could dare exist
within the mind of hypocrites.
no i don't care 'bout starving kids
or saving the environment
as long as you will let me hold your hand.

and maybe there's a truth
to why people eat chark fin soup
to why jude law is fucking cute
as buttons
what a fucking douche
but I swear I'll get over it
I'll give up names of anarchists
just be in the garage when I get home

And I could move abroad
See the world in all it's glory
make rich friends from Italy
come back from hell to tell the story
but I don't care about the days
of yachts and wine and fine gourmet
If I can't have you every afternoon

Why can't we take a ride
Think of al the things we'll see
Watch the leave fall in New England
laugh at liars in DC
And I swear I'm no lobbyist
but when it comes to you
i must admit
I get why senators all steal.

You give me tachycardia
Every time we're on the street
The neighborhood comes out to play
we laugh and sing and strum a beat
and I know good things always end
before you want to leave your friends
i promise then my heart will sing your name

And I'll go off to college
grow my hair and break my shoes
up all night with all my roommates
getting drunk and singing blues
I'll have kids and get a job
Whether I do or not
I hope you know that I have always love you most

We'll See The Mourning Somedays...

Written By: Ronald Baez, Eduardo Santa-Maria

Oh babe,
I know the bones in the closet
keep singing bout the future.
Keep saying we're lost, not free.
And I know, i know, that the case may be
the problem isn't truth, it's me.
But I can't see the morning just the way you like.
It's not cause i'm tired, it's not cause i'm blind.
I'm no jest.
just a fool too impressed by another sight.

And I read
In a free magazine
a story bout a tryst
that took some hearts to a star-crossed sleeve.
And maybe, maybe, nothing is what it seems.
Maybe the sky is soil and leaves.
I can loose my faith in a truth that's made
By the mind of a man, I don't mind all the same
If his heart isn't too far apart
from what his eyes are saying.

I promise I'll take you home
One day to a place with a lawn with a garden gnome.

Loose lips
Hold a cheap cigarette
When I wonder why the lyrics
Aren't singing anything I've said.
It's been, oh it's been a while since we've met,
Why do I feel the same regrets?
Every time I and make it back too late
I trade your lips and my heart for a song on a stage.
And we're stuck.
I'm on a bus for 2 months.
You're wondering why you're staying.

And I know
You call me cop out kid
When you're talking to your friends
And they ask you about the things I did.
And some days, some days
You wonder if we'll live
a life together. Was it all a fib?
Though I don't write delilah's for the radio
When they ask at the bar
Of a half empty show
About my heart.
I say we kiss in the dark
Because our eyes are closed.


Marxist Me EP is our first self-recorded/self distributed/ self promoted EP. Singles from the EP like "Mary & Me" and "Had I Known You'd Be Such A Crappy Friend" have been in rotation at university radio stations in both Miami and Boston since the EP's finish in November. The band is now working on our second DIY EP currently entitled "The Devil Asked For A Stick-Up, So I Gave Him A Murder". Tracks from the forthcoming Ep have already been handed out to local and college radio stations with the anti-folk song "I Fell Off Bonnie While I Was Young" being the flagship track thus far. The single has also recently been made part of DIY Netlabel's fourth compilation album.

Set List

Songs from our set list usually include an Against Me!/Bob Dylan/Frank Turner/Bright Eyes cover, a punk cover, and we're quite fond of playing "Blister In The Sun" by The Violent Femmes to hype a crowd we've never met into singing along. Our own originals we avidly throw into our set include:
"We'll See The Mourning Somedays...", "I Fell Off Bonnie When I Was Young", "Barstool", "Had I Known You'd Be Such A Crappy Friend", "Mary & Me", "Nothing Sober", "We'll See The Mourning Somedays", "Lost Everything In The Fire", "Early Morning; On Biscayne With Ann Marie", and "It's Not Cool, We Still Can't Be Friends", and "No One Else". Sets vary on who's playing with the band that night, usually 6-7 of the songs mentioned along with the covers are played, time permitting. We usually do quite well with a 45-60 minute set.