We are two dudes who DJ. We use our computers to load the music, a mixer to switch between the two of us, and keyboards to remix songs live. Through a set we will generally go through electro, house, disco, and funk. I'm willing to bet, sir or madam, you'll be into it.


We like to dance. What we like even more, though, is making you dance. We're influenced by lots of things - other bands, other djs, ambient lighting, and the crowd. We set ourselves, in one way, apart from other DJS by remixing songs live - instead of a set of songs that fade into one another while keeping a beat, we change and mold what comes out of speakers.


Hollywood Summer Mixer (EP)

Set List

Our set can be any length. Generally, we'll play for about 90 minutes, take a break, play some more, etc. Every set, unless we decide otherwise, is different from all sets before it. Moods, ideas, crowd response, and the like come across us at no time in particular - and we will feed off of them to change our set.