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"Hippy "Almost Live""

Hippy es un grupo de jóvenes originarios de la ciudad de Nueva York que llevan apenas poco más de un año dentro de la escena musical y aunque aun no están firmados bajo ningún sello discográfico ya están dando de que hablar en aquella ciudad.

Dos Ep´s, conciertos constantes alrededor de la ciudad de NY y un viaje a SXSW han establecido las bases para que la banda Hippy de un salto hacia un nuevo territorio ya que han adquirido bastante confianza en lo que hacen y no cabe duda en que cada vez mejoran más; con el lanzamiento de su nuevo Lp "Almost Live" prometen ser más que una banda adolescente ya que su Garage Pop Lo-fi se esta tornando mas maduro pero sin perder este toque tan distintivo de la banda.

Este disco al igual que casi la mayoría de sus canciones lanzadas anteriormente puedes ser descargadas...
- See more at: http://htwv.blogspot.mx/2013/05/hippy.html#sthash.JA1OYCL6.dpuf - HATE WAVES

"Hippy "Magic Wand" (exclusive)"

Hippy's two EPs, constant gigs around New York, and a trip to SXSW have established the band on everyone's list of who's taking off in the Brooklyn music scene, and the timing is just right for the release of their upcoming LP Almost Live. The 12 tracks promise to be more of the lo-fi garage pop, always with a twist, for which Hippy is known. Enjoy an early listen of "Magic Wand" off of the new album below, available today for digital download. - No Fear of Pop

"Hippy "Velvet Longing""

"video" - NME.com

"1.21 Gigawatts Issue 4"

Hippy brings a fresh taste to the ever popular lo-fi music scene. Described as Kiwi influenced garage pop this trio is making waves in the DIY scene. Frontman Nick Rogers and bassist Jenny Moffett met years ago at a show in Connecticut and met drummer Jhon Grewell at one of the last shows at Williamsburg DIY space Monster Island. The band started as a project in Nick's bedroom. He says " it was just me and some Lo-Fi recordings I was making with a four track and Garageband."
Hippy's jams are upbeat, fun and danceable, which probably explains why the crowd sizes grow with every show they play. - 1.21 Gigawatts Magazine

"Streets of Your Town: this week's concerts"

"The edges of Hippy's (Jan. 7, Glasslands) songs are frayed, too; their modest indie rock shares the same earnest melodies and rollicking arrangements of groups like the Clean." - capitalnewyork.com

"Hippy, Eastern Hollows and More at Glasslands"

"Those who left the Glasslands before the final band busted out for the finale set were really missing out, as another fresh Brooklyn trio known as Hippy kicked out a great set, mostly from a few different releases over the last year, with songs like “Hippy Lifestyle” and “Time Captured Miracles,” and I did find myself gleefully dancing through quite a few of their spunky yet lushly harmonic tracks." - mysocialist.com

"Midweek Intermission (Major Leagues, Tundra, Hippy)"

Hippy | Hippy EP
A breathtaking image of Twin Peaks’ Audrey Horne, coupled with an analog, headache-inducing lo-fi approach, all on top of the fact that this guy is called HIPPY and comes from Brooklyn - well, not many things come cooler than this. - Music Fan's Mic

"December Live Shows-Lazyeyes, Sparxx, Dead Stars + more"

Hippy quickly won the audience over with their appealing brand of alterna-rock that places emphasis on vocal harmonies. The songs are well-crafted and capture the essence of what made a band like The Pixies so initially appealing. - Dave Cromwell Writes

"CMJ Artists Dish On Their Party Essentials And Where To Find Them When They Aren't On The Stage"

1) How would you describe your personal style? Who are your fashion icons?
At our last show I wore a sparkly black dress, black heels and red lipstick. I heard the term "gucci goth" thrown around in Brooklyn so that's what I told people I was into (but really i just like to dress up). I think my style icons would be Francois Hardy, Kim Gordon, Vivian Leigh, Poison Ivy and David Bowie. I've always loved their looks but never got a chance to express those influences until Hippy.

2) What three things can you not perform or party without?
Beer, lipstick, and a bad attitude.

3) Do you have a favorite place to shop in NYC?
I'm a fan of thrift stores like Buffalo Exchange because I'm a poor twenty something. I have a weakness for shoes though. If I won the lottery I would probably spend it all on stores likes Aldo and Nine West.

4) Do you have any pre-show rituals?
I like to mess with Nick's head ("Whaaat? We have a show tonight?" "How do the lyrics go again?" "Have you seen my bass? I could swear I left it right here...")

5) Where are people most likely to find you when you aren't playing?
When I'm not making music with Hippy you can find me in Connecticut or interning at SiriusXM satellite radio. - Guest of a Guest

"Josh's CMJ 2012 Day 5"

"My time at the Legion ended with garage-rock trio Hippy. If you had asked me to draw a picture of a garage-rock band, I would probably come up with something that looked a lot like Hippy. There was the drummer with the Batman-logo t-shirt, the cool chick bassist, and the frontman who looked like the combination of all the male characters in “Dazed and Confused.” The band also nailed the 60’s garage rock sound to a tee. That, combined with my dwindling ability for coherency, made me think I would be able to take a VW bus back to Manhattan. I was disappointed when I walked out of the Legion into the cruel sunshine to not see the sea-foam green vehicle." - The Deli Magazine


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