Hip Shakin Mama and The Leg Men

Hip Shakin Mama and The Leg Men


Canada's Hip Shakin Mama and the Leg Men take every stage by storm! They give the audience more than they expect and keep dishing it out with every beat! Shelley-Lynne is a ferocious songwriter and her vocals have been described by Bruce Iglauer (President - Alligator Records) as BALLS TO THE WALL!


After Hip Shakin Mama belts out her all original sets and sheds some feathers with her amazingly talented Leg Men you will know that you have been touched by a very special force in our world! Her songwriting rests in the Blues, Rock, Jazz, Latin, Funk and Folk. With each song, she and the Leg Men take you on a journey and you have no idea what is coming next! She writes from her heart and takes a huge risk sharing deep, taboo, emotional and truthful aspects of her life. At one moment you will be laughing to her "Rooster Stew" or "Wanker Blues" and the next you are caught up in the Latin fantasy of "She Doesn't Want You." When she delivers her own heart break, her own story of being betrayed by her biological father in the song, "Bigger Man" you will be wrapped around her heart and you won't be able to stop yourself from taking her in your arms and loving this extraordinary songbird!

This lady always gets way more than applause! She lays claim to the stage and the audience has no choice but to love her madly! She has touched many during her career but with her songwriting and her all original album, "Reclaim Your Land" Shelley-Lynne is truly doing what she is meant to do.

She has performed as Diamond Lil at the Sheraton Heathrow in London England, she has fronted many bands in Canada from Rock to Country. The combination of her and the Leg Men sets all the other bands apart! They truly love very minute of what they do! She slayed the audience with love at the 2010 Brandon Folk Music Festival. The love still being shared with her from that performance and her work with Sarasvati productions in Winnipeg has been such a blessing in her life. She has loved her trips south each winter to entertain the patrons of Canucks in Mazatlan, Mexico. You can catch the Hip Shakin Mama often at McNally's in Regina or Lady of the Lake in Brandon, Manitoba. Shelley-Lynne has been featured on CBC Saturday Night Blues, At the Crossroads Radio Program and many other radio companies in Canada and the USA. She is well on her way!

Get her on your main stage to entertain your audience today or you will be missing the Best Gal You Ever Wished You Had!


Women In Blues Manitoba 1 - released February 2009

Reclaim Your Land - To Be Released 2011