Hi Red Center

Hi Red Center


Hi Red Center takes its cues from the wide variety of its members' musical interests. Utilizing unique forms, the band traverses its various influences in ways that didn't seem possible before. Texture, melody and gesture all work together to create a unique and exhillarating musical experience.


Formed in August 2003, Hi Red Center are an endearingly odd and distorted version of a familiar instrumental quartet. Consider a drummer who swings efforlessly between lurching off-time rhythms and anthemic beats, a drummer/vibraphone/electronic/synth player who adds everything from burbling noise to contagious melodies, a bassist who lays down the frenzied punch of post-punk with the melodic dexterity of krautrock, and a guitarist that creates a rich textural fuzz that makes it rock.

They layer melody upon melody, and top it all off with vocal harmonies reminiscent of an asymmetrical barbershop quartet. Their music is a dizzying mix of rhythmic smashes, noisy harmonies, and cultural innuendo that adds up to graceful, sculpture-like songs. Hi Red Center makes music for folks who like to sing, for people who like to dance, and for everyone who likes their songs thoroughly mixed and mashed!


Hi Red Center (EP), 2003
Architectural Failures (LP), 2005

Set List

Set Typically runs 30 minutes. No Covers, all original music