Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Al Bettis is a Indie Folk artist blending the sounds of Folk and Acoustic Soul for a unique blend of music.


Al Bettis is a singer and songwriter from Detroit, Michigan who started writing and playing guitar late in life at the age of 30.

In the summer of 2009 while on vacation and in need of something to kill the boredom, he picked up an old guitar he had purchased some years before. By the end of that evening a song was born and along with it, a songwriter.

Al loved the feeling of digging deep inside... of himself to create lyrics to connect with others. It is this passion that drives him today.

In summer of 2013 he recorded his first single called "It is Beautiful". Unsure of how his indie sound would be received he released his single and received amazing feedback. The song shot up the charts on 103.5 the light landing at number 7 in the top 30 countdown.

Al's influences include Jason Mraz, Glen Hansard, James Morrison, William Fitsimmons and Kim Taylor just to name a few.