His Life Music Ministry

His Life Music Ministry


We are a husband and wife team that God has brought together to sing His praises and to bless those who hear His music.


Marilyn's influences: She simply loves to sing for the Lord. She began singing at age 8 yrs. old to contemporary songs on the radio including Motown, the British Invasion and Black Gospel. At age 19, she began singing in church and later joined two gospel groups: The Eternal Family (1973-75) and Sounds of Joy (1975-85), both based in NYC.

She was honored to be among those singers who took part at the 9/11 Memorial in 2002. Marilyn sang in the choir with visiting evangelistic crusades such as Yiye Avila, and the Billy Graham organization. Some of her influences were the Couriers, Andre Crouch, Edwin Hawkins, 2nd Chapter of Acts and Maranatha.

Patrick grew up in a musical family. He learned to enjoy a wide variety of styles including Big Band, Jazz, Classical, Pop and Country. At age 18, he began to teach himself to play drums, guitar and harmonica. With his cousin, they both toured in central California playing Top 40 hits of the 70's at local colleges.

A deep love for country and bluegrass began to take hold in the 80's and has been his favorite since then. His Christian influences are from the southern gospel and country genres but he enjoys all types of praise music.


More Than A Man

Written By: Patrick and Marilyn Cox

What kind of man heals a rich man’s son?

Miles away in another town, He just speaks and it is done.

What kind of man, takes a little fish and bread?

Five thousand people walk away, completely fed!

He’s more than a man; He’s the great I Am!

He heals the sick, makes the lame to walk and the blind to see.

He’s the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, the Savior who sets us free.

He’s more than a man; He’s the great I Am!

What kind of man, can walk on the sea?

Calm the raging waters, and cause the wind to cease.

What kind of man, could call a dead man’s name?

And with a loud voice cry out, Lazarus, come forth from the grave!

Chorus then Bridge

What kind of man, would go to the Cross?

And lay down His life for the sake of the lost.

Music and Lyrics by Patrick and Marilyn Cox © July 31, 2007

Dear Jesus

Written By: Patrick and Marilyn Cox

Dear Jesus,
Today I heard somebody talk about You
And wondered, if what the Bible says is really true.
Did You really cleanse the leper, bring a dead man back to life?
Did You calm the raging waters, and restore a blind man’s sight?
Did You take our sins upon You? When You died upon the Cross?
Can You forgive a sinner like me, who is spiritually lost?
Dear Jesus, I ask You?

Dear Jesus,
I come before You now on bended knee,
Cause I know, You’re the Savior who fulfills our every need.
Please take this broken vessel, and do with it as You will,
Create in me a clean heart, for a life that’s Spirit-filled.
I will love You like no other, and will worship You alone.
So please take my life Lord Jesus, its’ no longer called my own.
Dear Jesus, I need You.

I spent my whole life searching for the answers,
Never realizing You were waiting there.
When You took my heart and filled it with Your Spirit,
It was then I had the answer to my prayer. (Chord change)

Dear Jesus,
I can’t believe I’m in Your presence now,
At Your feet, I humbl(e)y approach and place my crown.
I could never have imagined, that You cared so much for me.
Through the years I spent resisting, You just waited patiently.
Now here You are my Savior, my King that I adore.
You are worthy of my worship, from now forevermore.
Dear Jesus, I thank You.
Dear Jesus, I love You.

© Music and Lyrics by Patrick and Marilyn Cox, Jan. 2009

Where Would I Be (Without Jesus)

Written By: Patrick and Marilyn Cox

There was a time when life was crazy / when common sense did not exist,
Each day meant livin’ for the moment / while opportunities were missed.
But then one night without a warning / His hand reached down from heaven’s throne,
He took this spirit that was broken / and then replaced it with His own.

I just can’t live without saving grace,
I just can’t live without mercy.
I just can’t live without unfailing love,
Where would I be, where would I be, where would I be without (Jesus)?

I spent a lot of time just dreaming / imagining a different life,
So many years just flew by wasted / my future didn’t look so bright.
Today I simply can’t imagine / a life without my Savior King,
Now my days are filled with purpose / my rewards’ eternity.

The Potter took this shattered vessel / and filled the cracks with love and grace,
His living water overflows from / a silver chalice in its plaaaace.
Chorus / instrumental /chorus and fade

©Music and Lyrics by Patrick and Marilyn Cox, Feb. 2009



Set List

Dear Jesus
More Than A Man
Where Would I Be
Each song is about 4 1/2 min. with a few comments here and there for a total of 20-30 minutes