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Working on finishing our debut album, "Rip The Lid Off It" Currently in final mixing stages at Henson Recording Studios in Hollywood.



Front man Peter Seume is an instrumental being. His supreme ability to tap any emotion contributes to brilliant unpredictability, offering fans an unparalleled live show experience. Pete is the son of a preacher from Kansas City, who moved his family to the Netherlands. With a travel resume that includes sailing around the world and the longing to share a similar experience with his band mates, there is no question where his lyrics in the song “Catch Me” come from. “I'm a gypsy soul, who's got to go, all over the world.” Five years into his aspirational voyage and Pete's gypsy Soul was lost in Venice Beach. What good was his poetry without a band to help it come to life? In 2006, Pete was ready to give up his search. His nomadic desires outweighed his musical dreams and his corporate job was destroying his exploratory spirit. An introduction to Pat Brennan and Ryan Monelli would bring his dream to fruition.

After meeting at the University of Arizona the avid surfers from Northern California learned they also had similar taste in music. Pat's mom went to high school with Bob Weir and Ryan's parents took him to his first concert, a Grateful Dead show when he was a child. Pat and Ryan spent their college years performing as the Hampton Band, “Driving that train”, gigging campuses across the west coast. Dead covers were their mainstay in college, but with Pete as the new front man their rock and roll fire was free to reign. The thundering track, “Sucio Fuerte ” is woven by Pat's raunchy guitar sounds and Ryan's explosive drumbeats. With three pieces of the puzzle now complete the band was still missing something.

Dan Luegers parents recognized that he was born with a mind for music and gave him his first guitar when he was eight years old. Growing up on a farm in Jasper, Indiana, Dan played out the cold winters perfecting his sound. He later graduated with a recording arts degree from Full Sail University in Orlando where he studied with and learned from musicians from all over the world. Although originally brought in to play bass, Dan's desire was to, “rip open a space time continuum with his guitar.” He does just that in “Supernova”, a galactic love trip that entrances listeners for over eight minutes. Dan would pass the duty of bass on to longtime childhood friend Dusty Smith.

Hi-Stereo spent a year and half writing songs and touring the west coast but the chemistry was off. Upon returning from a Super Bowl gig in Phoenix, bass player Dusty Smith resigned. The setback was a detrimental blow to the band at first, but their love for music and faith in one another kept the dream alive.

Multiple auditions failed to unveil the right guy until Pete met Iowan Chris Norris. Before hearing him play, Pete was convinced Chris was the guy. “He is one of us.” Although Chris had never seen them live, “Hi-stereo sounded familiar.” After one jam session it was obvious that Chris was a natural showman. His personal character and artistic sound was the perfect fit. In the beginning of “Carbon Dating” Chris’s bass impregnates his amp. The boys were “sponging up what he was spilling” and a powerful, new, hard rock, jam filled sound was born.