History is absolutely unafraid to be big and loud and a little complicated. We sound like RUSH getting tag teamed by FARAQUET and HELMET at a YES concert. More simply put, we are a progressive indie rock band that likes to push boundaries on modern rock.


How is History made?

One part former My Hotel Year member.
Three parts former Sound the Alarm members.
Bring to a boil
Add one part former New Roman Times member.

Recipe jokes aside, History was made out of dissatisfaction for the musical directions of the past. We wanted to create a harder, more progressive sound that challenged our abilities and your attentiveness. We love to make people clap during breaks in a song before its over, and more so we love your reaction when you realize the song isn't over. History has taken influences from artists as varied as Yes and Rush to Helmet, Hum, Quicksand and even a little Sabbath. Hell, we have a flutist and two keyboards, but we don't sing about faeries nor do we make synthy dance music. We are a new breed of rock n roll.


split 7" out on anchorless records
bands: History/Hurrah
songs:1. How to Cheat Death/Red Seat

Demo E.P. - 2006
2.Bloody Death of Murder
4.Those Were the Days
5.Far From Being an Obstacle
6.How I see It

February 5th, 2008
Ghosts In the City (full length debut)
7. Oh Shit it's a Heart Attack
8. BMK and the Valley of Bats
9. Horn of the Unicorn
10. Bloody Death of Murder
11. Colonel Mustard in the Meth Lab with a Sledge Hammer
12. She Spit in my Cup
13. Blue Khaki Dance Party
14. Hot Dog in a Hula Hoop
15. Far From Being an Obstacle
16. Brake Threw Hour Walls Sew We Can Sea Wear the Rats Arrgh
17. It's Ladies Night Somewhere

Set List

We tend to play around 7 to 8 songs. The set lasts about 30-35 minutes. We are always happy and willing to beef up or trim down the set as needed.