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Jonathan "Lambo" Naves was born March 30th, 1984. He was born in South-side Jamaica, Queens and raised in Far Rock-away, Queens. His mother is from El Salvador and his father is from Haiti. He never met his dad; therefore, he was raised by his mom and uncle, who had to fill that void. He has no complaints on his upbringing. He’s learned to speak fluent Spanish along with family values and respect for foreign views. “But they couldn't teach me how to be a MAN,” he says. He had to learn the hard way and chose the path of a warrior while being respected as a “no-nonsense leader”
For as long as he can remember, music has always been a part of his life. From his mother playing old records to his cousins playing “Run-DMC, “Eric B & Rakim” Amazed at how New York artist ruled the air waves, he had no idea that one day he would want to travel through the same path. He got caught up in the street life at a very young age. As he ran with the neighborhood gangs, “representing his hood” to the fullest, he’s learned that you have to earn respect to get respect. Yet, he comes from the total opposite, a hardworking middle class family. “Lambo” says, “I’m the only mixed one or should I say dark one in my family”
He would always freestyle with “his boys” before and after school as a “hobby.” But when he first heard “Wu-Tang Clan” and “Mobb Deep,” his entire outlook on music changed; his hobby, soon then became a future career. At this point, he knew that he wanted to do music, but didn't know where to start. School was never an issue, as far as learning. He was always above average and gifted, but he had yet to identify with those gifts. After a combination of walking on a journey-less path, getting serious charges, beating them, and forcing his family to relocate to Baltimore, MD, “Lambo” knew that his life had to change. At this point, he was writing music, but had never recorded anything. The Baltimore transition was a “blessing & a curse” for his life has literally been a test of time and spiritual testimony.
He’s worked with the likes of various artists such as: “DJ Kochece,” Universal Records, Wu-Tang Clan’s, “5 Deadly Venom,” just to name a few. He has also performed at several venues and shows to get his feet wet as he’s learned that if you work hard it pays off. He soon after linked up with a hot producer by the name of, “P-Dubb Mancini.” He heard his flow and told him that he was impressed. He gave him some original beats that changed his whole view on his writing, as he started taking it more seriously. They formed a group called “Black Mobb" and the rest is history. He says, “We smashed anything in sight and our music was way ahead of its time” Black Mobb collaborated with “One Tribe” for a while, but then parted ways because their need for them had expired. Eventually his time with “P-Dubb” would also, soon come to an end. They went on to make several “hits” but after a while, egos clashed and they also parted ways, making then, “BORN,” a solo artist. He needed a new sound, a new name and a new identity. He took the name “BORN” and re-birthed it as "LamBORNghini," and then cut it short to “LAMBO” as we know him now.
Under the current management of “730 Entertainment,” “Lambo” has a few projects in development. He has always been fascinated by the concept of astronauts. “ASTRONAUT ACADEMY” is the clothing line and “AIR NASA” is the record label; as well as an outlet for creative minds to unite and develop concepts to influence the public view of music, fashion and the world in general. “Lambo,” says, “Imagine if the top 15 scientists of the world, united for one common cause, for one idea, exchanging notes and theories to creating better life, many are gifted, but few are destined.” “Lambo” says in closing, “I know that this is what I have been chosen to do my life is already written and I know that I still have more work to do as I sit back and think about how far I've come, I feel truly blessed”


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