History Invades

History Invades


Lapsing patterns, deep and piercing transmissions from string to ear, analog and digital, vapid and atmospheric.  a scene of thematic interest.  the hanging compositions of the electorate.  the final product is a post-punk perplexity deeply rooted in cadence and mathematics.


History Invades started in February 2001 as a post-hardcore trio under a different name and through DIY work ethic morphed into a well crafted dancy indie rock machine. In August 2003 HI recorded a course altering demo with 6 home recorded songs and the demo was released as a CD-R for close friends. September 2003 brought change to the group (as well as a name change), with a stronger vision and planning with their music. HI played with numerous well recognized groups and continued to storm the west coast. HIs official first release, "Video Men We Radio Are," is a 7" with two songs, recorded in April 2004, and released on MakeBreak Records in August. In June, HI documented their first full length "The Structure Of A Precise Fashion" in LA with Jason Martin (SF59). The record will be released on Lujo Records in July 2005.


CD/LP - The Structure OF A Precise Fashion - July 2005
7"/single - Video Men We Radio Are - August 2004
CDR - Audio Documentation (Demo) - September 2003

Set List

Average Set - 25 Minutes

We Ran Out Of Bridges So We Burnt Down Our Houses
Call Me Mint Jelly Cause I'm On The Lamb
My Name Is Afraid
Everybody Has Something To Hide Except For Me And My Wildfire

(alternate / additional songs)
I Am The CEO Of McDonnell Douglas
Check That Figure With Digits Like That Who Needs Cell Phones
The Solution is in the System? The System IS the Solution.