Barcelona-based HITABALDAÄS is a formation with post-rock, experimental rock and trip-hop influences.


The band was formed in late 90's, originally as a trio, with strong American rock and 70’s experimental rock influences. The founding band members Jordi Blanch (drums), Pere Esteve (electric guitar) and Josep Cussó (bass guitar) led the band to become one of three finalists in the first edition of “Concurso de Rock de Badalona” (Badalona Rock Contest), which brought the track "Slide One" to be featured on the compilation album “Conspiradors a Badalona” and again in a second compilation album commemorating the 10th anniversary of the “Concurso de Música de Badalona”, released in July 2008.
In 2000 the band came to a standstill and it wasn’t until 2005 that the band resurfaced as a 5-piece set, introducing new bassist Iván Reyes (electric bass and double bass), Ramón Casamajó on trumpet (trumpet and electronic effects) and Pau Escoda on keyboards. In 2010, together the formation edited their self-titled first album.
From 2008 to 2011, the band collaborated with several different artists including Raquel Piernas (lead vocalist of “Lost”), MC Sigilo (rap artist from “Afonkalipsis”) and Californian singer-song writer Brian Mauleon, bringing new textures, sounds and influences to their music. The incorporation of audiovisual material in live performances also led to collaborations with artist Mario Tarragó and independent film producer Galo Tobías.
This year Hitabaldaäs has added a new member to the set: vocalist Silvia Tobajas. They are also working on new audiovisual material together with local film-maker and photographer Jon Aran.
The band is currently working on their second album, scheduled for recording by Frank Rudow (ex Manta Ray, Viva las Vegas, Bedroom, SUMA, La JR, etc...) in June 2012.


Hitabaldaäs (LP, 2010)
Tanit EP (LP, to be released Dec. 2012)