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Hit By A Car

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Phases and Stages"

Despite the silly album title, the scene veterans in Hit by a Car are punk as fuck. The Austin threepiece excels in hardcore instrumentals ("Screw the Neighbors"), with GWAR tendencies ("Shut Your Mouth"). With most tracks barely a minute, HBC are off-the-cuff rockers appealing to the short-attention-span crowd. - Austin Chronicle

"99 Bands"

Between routines, Hit by a Car pops out fast, hard, and sometimes jarring sounds. - Austin Chronicle

"Bek Sabbath"

"...a sort of gooney-looking trio that kicks punk butt, with goofy time changes and such." - Red River Rank and Review

"Corey Feldman"

"It is the best grindfunk, metalcore, classic punk, folk rock, that I have ever worked out to. Sergio, my Pilates instructor, adores it." - Whoopsy!


"...the whole damn set kicked ass. Just good 'ol fashioned hardcore type punk with a lot of energy. Very refreshing and entertaining." - Red River Rank and Review

"Joe Gross"

"...a potent blend of precision noise and power trio prog rock." - Austin American-Statesman


Greatest Shit Vol. 1: 1998
Hit By A Car: 2000
Totalled: 2001
Don't Poop In My Mouth and Tell Me It's Raining: 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


Hit By A Car is not just three musicians thrown together with brilliant results. It is a potent mixture of three long paths. Justin McBroom (guitar, vocals) met N8 Lynas (drums, vocals) when they were in High School and have been playing together since as first Whisker Biskit and then since 1995 as Hit By A Car. Since 1995 both have branched out and played with other bands. Justin has played with The Dickins, Anti-Social Movement, The Cruel and Unusual and as a solo artist. N8 has played with national touring act, Anti-Man, Fuck Work, Sbitch, Anti-Social Movement, and the always touring The Oi!strs, where he met bassist and vocalist Brian Eckstein. After going through three bassists from 1995 to 2001, Hit By A Car was ready for a permanent musician to take the bass spot over. After playing in Austin for fourteen years in such bands as The Oi!strs, Plowman and Smashmouth, Brian stepped in late in 2001 and since then, Hit By A Car has gone from playing Tuesdays at nine o’clock to regularly headlining weekends and touring regionally. Hit By A Car has released three CD’s prior to “Don’t Poop In My Mouth and Tell Me It’s Raining” which is in stores now. The current line-up includes: N8 Lynas on drums and vocals, Justin McBroom on guitar and vocals, and Brian Eckstein on bass and vocals.