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The best kept secret in music


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“Triggered backwards” MCD/7” (Goodlife/Machination Records)

“Best of Belgium” compilation CD
(Goodlife/Green Leaf Records)

“H8000 Hardcore” compilation CD
(Genet/Sobermind Records)

“Ayé Carumba zine” compilation vol.2 CD
(Ayé Carumba Zine/Moloko prod.)

“Out of the light, into the fire” CD
(Delboy Records/FBWL)

“That’s the way the cookie crumbles” CD compilation (Kerosene, France)

“BluNoise mailorder sampler” CD
(BluNoise Records, Germany)

“.hitch.” new 3-song 7”
(Delboy Records) 2000

“Monolith.” CD/LP
(Delboy Records) 2002

(WhatElse?Records, USA) 2003

“Monolith” CD
(Divot Records ,USA One extra song!) 2003

"A couple of options/Seven South" 7"
(Kinky Star records) 2004

"Trails are Ablaze" LP/CD
(Kinky Star records) 2004

"V/A" A decade of HITCH ('94-'04) remixes
(Moloko Prod. - Limited to 300 copies)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Hi there,

We're HITCH and though many didn't notice until recently, we've been around for about 10 years now. Hell yeah… Back in the days, when the skate boarding era around Kortrijk (K-Town) had given away the last of it's surprises and impregnated us with the vibe of it's soundtrack, three of us decided to form a band. We soon stuck with 'HITCH' as a name (taken from the road movie 'The Hitcher' with arch bandit Rutger Hauer playing a psychokiller hitchhiker).
N ot long after we formed the band we started recording 'Triggered Backwards' ( MCD/7” on MACHI N ATIO N / GOODLIFE) and went on tour with that EP. To date, all of us prefer to never hear it again :), but it just goes to show that the zest and spirit were there from the beginning, even if our fingers were still busy putting up the virgin struggle with our fret boards.

Somewhere towards the end of the nineties we teamed up with Xavier B. and DELBOY RECORDS. He put out our first full length " Out of the light, into the fire…" and a subsequent s/t 7 inch. By this time, we'd been all over Europe about 8 times on full tours and twice that many times on smaller tours. We got to play very cool gigs and drank the odd beer with bands like THE FUCKING CHAMPS (US), JR EWING (SWE), PLEASURE FOREVER (US), THE FIRE THEFT (US), VANDAL X (B), FAVEZ (CH), VAZ (US), SWEEP THE LEG JOHNNY (us), TRISTEZA (us), GRADE (us), MORNING AGAIN (us), C.C. DUSTERS (US), CHOKEBORE (US), DON CABALLERO (US), REIZIGER (B), AT THE DRIVE-I N (US),METROSCHIFTER (US), 31 KNOTS (US), MILEMARKER (US), ATOM A N D HIS PACKAGE (US), MILLIONAIRE (B), KARATE (US), LUNAR (CRO), AN ALENA (CRO), BLUTCH (B), ENDSTAND (FIN ), OXBOW (US), THE LOW FREQUENCY IN STEREO (SWE), NEGLECT (US), FUCK (US), BARDO POND (US), AIN A (ESP), BLUETIP (US), KEROSENE 454 (US), CAVE IN (US), ENGINE DOW N (US), ASH (IRL), RYE COALITION (US), TRANS AM (US), THE PAPER CHASE (US), PART CHIMP (UK), CURSIVE (US), ... and a whole bunch of other superbly cool bands. Some of them became great pals.

In 2001, Carl - our original bass player - agreed to a job in China and left the band. Paul - a guy we knew from Thee Plague of Gentlemen and N ahende Vernichtun took up the vacant spot. Only two months in the band, we dragged him with us to Zaghreb, Croatia, for the recording of our second full length ' Monolith '. This album was released by DELBOY RECORDS for Europe and by our good friends in Haymarket Riot (who run the Chicago based DIVOT RECORDS) for the US. That's how we also got to tour in the States for the first time (in 2002). American label WhatElse?Records also released a limited Hitch/Haymarket Riot split 7” while we were on the road. In Europe, we did a round trip with the blistering Tight Bros. From Way Back When (USA, Kill Rockstars Records / RIP) to support the same album.

When we're at home, we just work on our stuff and try to finish the studio we rehearse in. We nicknamed it the 'MOLOKO BAR' (yep, a Clockwork Orange reference) and it already served its purpose well. With the help of our sound tech Hein and Pedro - a friend of ours - we recorded 'Trails are Ablaze! ' there, our latest album. After the ' Monolith ' record, we decided to part ways with DELBOY RECORDS and got in touch with another bunch of musical fanatics called KINKY STAR RECORDS. They first put out a cool 7 inch (red wax) with songs we recorded in Chicago at Ghetto Love Studios with Dale Meiners and were pleased enough with the result to release 'Trails are Ablaze!' as well. Two singles were taken off the albuml and did very well on national radios, topping the ARRIBA!- chartlist on Studio Brussels for weeks. The video for ‘High heels' was in high rotation on JIM, TMF and Dutch MTV. Ever since ‘Trails..' has been out, we've had a busy year with shows focussing mainly on Belgium (Playing Dour Festival for the fifth time, Pukkelpop Main Stage, Botanique opening up for Ash, touring with Part Chimp (UK, Rock Action Records) , Haymarket Riot (US) ...) and this year, we're going across the Atlantic again! In March '05 we'll be playing in Toronto at the Canadian Music Week and in Texas at the highly acclaimed SXSW-festival. We're also planning a split 7 inch with our buddies in AMEN RA (hopefully by summer 2005) and a European tour. We hope ‘ Trails..' will have a US release soon..

So you see, after 10 years, we still manage to get our hands full. And it's still a lot of fun. Olivier Just started a new band with some friends and Mich is still playing in GALATASARAY, who've just record a second full length album that will be out by april '05!

Website : www.hitch.be
Bandcontact: contact@hitch.be - mich@hitch.be
Press & Promotion : jasper@bangdistribution.com
Bookings (EUR): joachim@hitch.be
Bookings (USA): kevin@divotrecords.com
Electronic presskit : www.sonicbids.com/HITCH
Label : info@kinkystar.com