Hit Me Baby

Hit Me Baby

 Portland, Oregon, USA
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The ONLY Punk Rock Britney Spears Tribute Band You'll EVER Need!


Hit Me Baby started innocently enough. While waiting for their set time at a local club Attack Ships On Fire singer Mike Bell blurted out a simple phrase: "We should start a band that plays all punk versions of Britney Spears songs and call ourselves 'Hit Me Baby.' He never thought they'd bite on the idea. They did.
The following week Rick Emerson announced on his Portland radio talk show that he was putting together 'Emerson History X' the tenth Rick Emerson Show Listener Party. Mike called him up immediately and offered the services of Hit Me Baby thinking that Rick wouldn't bite on the idea either. He did. Hit Me Baby made their debut at Emerson History X in front of more than a thousand screaming Emerson fans.

Three years removed from the first show HMB has now toured the west coast, played nearly every club in Portland, performed at corporate events, and for a very captive audience at the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution. HMB is the standard opening act for Attack Ships On Fire and gets the crowd ready for a set of origianl punk songs performed by the same guys who were just standing on the same stage in schoolgirl outfits. The band is headed back to the Double Down in Las Vegas for their fifth show at the famed dive bar for RollerCon 2010, their thrid RollerCon show in Veags in the alst four years.

Set List

We play all of your favorite Britney Spears songs and work up the new singles as they're released.
(Approx. 45min - 1 hour)
...One More Time
Gimme More
Piece of Me
Do Somethin'
Oops...I did it Again
If You Seek Amy