Hit or Miss

Hit or Miss


Hit or Miss is a topnotch post-hardcore Pop-Punk band with powerful riffs, driving drums and IMMENSELY catchy lyrics. We guarantee you'll love us.


The rock band Hit or Miss has seen a lot of early success. Their catchy lyrics and upbeat sound have been called a, "breath of fresh air in today's post-hardcore/emo era." Hit or Miss has grabbed hold of an old idea and revamped it in their own unique way by combining complex drum grooves, playful pianos and driving guitar riffs. Hit or Miss just may be the genre-bending upbeat sound we've been waiting for.

Hit or Miss was created when Andy Zeller (formerly of Wings Ripped Out) enlisted the services of long time friend and former bandmate, Travis Lehr (formerly of Ten Cent Story), to embark on a new endeavor. After struggling to get the band up and running for some time, Andy and Travis found the successful catalyst they needed by recruiting Warren Gaughen (formerly of Punctuated Equilibrium and Buck Wild) as a bassist to round out their lineup. It took only two days for Hit or Miss to put together their debut EP, Seasons Come and Go, which features six original tracks. With the overwhelmingly positive reaction the band received after their CD release party, regional venues were lining up to have them play. It wasn't long until Hit or Miss was opening for several national acts including The AKAs (are everywhere) and Dizmas.

Originally from the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area, Hit or Miss is currently touring the Northeast, and is in the process of writing a full length album which they hope to have completed in early 2009.

You can visit Hit or Miss online at http://www.myspace.com/hitormiss717 or you can contact them by e-mail at hitormiss_717@yahoo.com.


Hit or Miss is Andy Zeller (Vocals, Guitar & Piano), Travis Lehr (Drums) and Warren Gaughen (Bass).

Andy Zeller: Andy is a self-taught guitarist and pianist; he started at the age of eight and has been writing and composing since the age of thirteen. Andy has been performing for six years.

Travis Lehr: Travis has been playing the drums for over thirteen years, ten of which he has spent in various bands. When Travis was in high school, he finished second in Pennsylvania and seventh in nationals for drum line competition.

Warren Gaughen: The self taught drummer of seven years had never touched a bass until the day Andy asked him to play with Hit or Miss. Warren has produced nine albums for various artists and is a member of The Recording Academy®.


Ifs, Ands or Buts

Written By: Hit or Miss

All the days I’ve looked at this
I should’ve seen this emptiness
But time and time and time again
I lose my chance
It’s the subtle ways you’d send a glance
That make me find some confidence
Soon enough I have to see
This isn’t me

No one can make us better
We’ve shown everyone who we are
Our chances are gone
And well always be lost
And we'll always let ourselves down

I tracked the page to show the facts
But the page was cleared with nothing left
These words were once what filled the sound
But now I need to stand my ground

So I said no

This girl is really contagious
She has something to hide
Cause when the going gets tough
Before you know it she’s gone

You're Better Off

Written By: Hit or Miss

I’m talking back if you could try to hear me
Cause there's no one left around here
Thirty takes on the same old story
Building up the perfect nightmare
So you know that I feel insecure about my life
So how could I get by without you making me right?

Let go, she's gone forever, a total nightmare
You know you're better off this way

It's always been the same old same old
I'll have your back forever
Lets take the night off and roll
We'll toast one to her together
This is just part of life
We get in over our heads
But when it's all said and done
We'll always be friends

We Gave It All

Written By: Hit or Miss

The light inside this room gets sucked into the walls
But maybe it's all the best for me
Kept clean it would feel the same but less "me" obviously
It's taking my energy all the same

My friend, my confidence we said, "We’ll ride this till the end"
But we can't give what we already gave

All right I'm trying just to breathe but can't find air tonight
My lungs were screaming but I wasn't listening
Smoke filled my eyes can barely see I see you when we were new
I don't know what to do.

We lost ourselves in confidence
Three years never taking any hints
It's alright we made it
It's just all how we take it

This Is My Life

Written By: Hit or Miss

Lay low
I'm bound to catch you singing with me
And I know how crazy that could be
So alone I'll try and build this energy but
You know I need you helping me
Take it slow
It’s a break from what you're willing to be
You can go if this doesn't suit your needs
We wrote this song to say we wanna be free
So lets go we're moving to the beat

This is my life take it how you want to
But I’m belting this out for you.

I will, sit in my room where no one else is around
And I'll write about all of the ups and downs
I swear, the hardest part is singing to you but
I know it's what I'm born to do
It's all about meeting friends and having some fun
What else, could bring me ecstasy?
I hope this song can get you singing with me
It's easy with this beat and melody

Take It Slow

Written By: Hit or Miss

I saw the ceiling a little quicker then we could've said
But stood back up and tried getting with you again
It’s simple things that tend to get me out of hand
When all along we need to keep it open
So take a ride aside my dreams
You'll understand what they can do to me
Break me down
This is why I keep you around

We said that we'd take it slow
But we were already home
I was home with the lights down
You were home with your heart out

Start again with things that shouldn't even begin
And time will tell if the lock is really opened
It's do or die I need you playing on my side
The cards are down and the bets too big to be mine
Mondays don't always agree
Some days you just have to breathe in
I need you tonight yeah
I need you tonight

Stick with me I'm trying
I'm trying to let you go

Acoustic Bonus

Written By: Hit or Miss

Some people would say that I don't have a clue, that I'm a lost cause
They think I'm thinking on instinct, and I never set goals
We'll here's my goal for you, try to have some faith
And if you can dig deep enough believe in me
If you give me a chance you'll see that
This is my destiny and I need your company

Believe in me
I know that I don't always go, always go the right way
Believe in me
I know that I can't always show, always show the right things
But if you can believe
Believe in me

This was a carefully crafted expense that I've taken
To follow my dreams
It seems so easy for you to try and take that away
And that I can't understand.

I see your condescending eyes
Every time you shut me down
I was always told that I could be whatever I dreamed
Is it so hard to see, that you haven't failed with me
I’m trying so desperately to make you believe
I’m done trying it won’t ever mean anything


Written By: Hit or Miss

Close your eyes, take a second off
Let me help, remember to breathe
You had a rough day and
I want to be here to help
I wrote you a note, saying that you're perfect
In every way, every day I love you so much

I know we're a little bit crazy
That's no news to me
But babe you're my candy
Cause you're so sweet to me

Let me know when I mess up
Cause I know I do, yea I know I do
I want to be all you need
And I want you to rely on me
Cause I love you
You know that I do

Run away with me

Cause I cant live without you

I couldn't run cause
I couldn't breath
I needed you next to me

Summer Clouds

Written By: Hit or Miss

Yea I know that it blows
When you wake up and the rain comes pouring down
You've lost all you're hope
Sure enough when it sets in
It seems pointless to care anymore about it
It can always be fixed

We can roll the windows down
Throw our hands out and move the clouds
Cause it's always sunny somewhere

So you feel all alone
And you're trying so hard
To make it through till tomorrow
I've been down that road

It's always sunny somewhere

Shut Out

Written By: Hit or Miss

How can I put this lightly
See I'm still thinking of you first
When I'm running my mouth
There's no doubting that
It's pointless even caring
Some things just never change
I’m hurt that’s all that I can say
You let me down again
Surprisingly I'm still surprised
Thought I would be used to this by now

I'm letting go, I'm shutting you out
I left a note saying how I'll miss you

You never listen to me
Well here’s a good way
You can see what you mean to me
I figured you out
I give and give to you
And you give nothing back to me


Seasons Come and Go

Set List

Standard Set 45-50 min:
Intro Song
Take it Slow
You're Better Off
We Gave it All
This is My Life
Summer Clouds
Shut Out
Ifs Ands or Buts

Additional Originals:
Acoustic Bonus (7 min)
Untitled (3.5 min)