Hits and The Mighty Joe

Hits and The Mighty Joe

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As Producers, Hits and The Mighty Joe have been quickly gaining notoriety and credibility.Nothing can replace there true passion,raw talent,and determination for music.From radio hits to album classics,there versatility & unique sound allow them to give you exactly what you need for any music proje


Harold "Hits" Tolbert was raised in church. With his mother passionately serving as the choir director, Harold quickly knew that music would become a major part of his life. While serving in the military, he taught himself how to play the drums and the keyboard courtesy of his natural ear for music. Hits quickly made a name for himself for his unique style and professional sound.

"The Mighty" Joe Warren was born to do music. Coming from a family of musicians including his father, one of the best pianists in Chicago, Joe took advantage of his valuable resources by watching and learning. Mighty Joe was blessed with the ability to learn just about anything compliments to his ear and learning capacity. He made a name for himself in Chicago for his soulful yet powerful sound.

Mighty Joe and Hits met playing in church. With Hits on the drums and Mighty on the keys, they immediately developed a silent connection that would take years for most musicians to develop. They began producing, and their different styles became an INCREDIBLE sound. Now, Mighty Joe and Hits are known as Incredibles. They are what hip hop/r&b and rap are missing...a real team.