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Hive Robbers

Kent, Ohio, United States

Kent, Ohio, United States
Band Folk Rock


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"Meet the Hive Robbers: Revelry With Kent’s Root Rockers"

How did the Hive Robbers come about? How did you get into music?
The band started as a backup band for Aidan when he wanted to start playing his songs live. That was the summer of 2010 and by the following January we were a set group playing under the name Aidan Bailey Williams Band. When we wanted to release our first EP we had settled on the name Hive Robbers in order to represent the fact that we were no longer following the creative direction of just Aidan, rather the collective thought process of a single unit. Not to mention, it’s a little easier to remember.

What drew you to Americana and folk music? Did any of you have prior music experience?
We all came from similar musical backgrounds, all with a strong interest in roots music. When you first start getting into rock ‘n’ roll and stuff like that it all has the qualities that stem from artists like Hank Williams, Leadbelly and Robert Johnson and it’s just a matter of roots really. You become interested in the background of it all.

Tell me about your first EP. How did that come about?
We wanted to get a recording of four songs out so people could take it home and listen to it. We recorded the whole thing in Sam’s basement with our friend Eric Vaught doing all of the technical work plus David Zach and Kristin Mohan doing backup vocals. It’s different from our LP because we didn’t really know what we were doing at that point, but it was a learning experience. It has two of our bigger songs (“Counterweight” and “When I’m Gone”) on it and it’s interesting to go back and listen to those first recording and see how much the songs have evolved from that point.

What is your concert dynamic like? How would you describe your shows and your fans?
Lots of drinking and lots of dancing. Our music is all kind of similar but all over the place with style so it lets us play three-hour sets without our audiences getting bored. We really feed off of the audience. Our music isn’t really something you sit down to, so it’s great to see people dancing and singing. The high energy that we bring out really shapes the sound of every shows, so each show is a different experience.

Do you have any fun concert/tour stories to share?
Sam played the CD release party with pneumonia. In the middle of the set he just got up and went to the bathroom to puke so our friend Eric Vaught jumped up on stage and played drums for the rest of the show.

Tell me about your LP. How did it come about, and when was it recorded? Do you have any interesting stories about the recording process?
Our full-length LP was recorded last summer from May through August. It was all recorded by Eric Vaught in Jimmy’s basement with two microphones. We used a lot of things that we found around the house, like on the last track (“I Will Best You”) we used an ashtray as a mini gong and a cookie sheet on the snare drum. I think we drank like 15 bottles of whiskey during the process, which led to Sam singing the verse to “Two-Five-Oh” at the end of the song. It was awesome to get some of our friends on to do guest vocals and instrumental spots. It was overall a group effort, not only from the band but from our friends and fans as well.

What’s next for the Hive Robbers?
At the moment we’re working on finishing up a two-song demo to get floating around that better reflects our live sound, which should be ready in the early spring. We plan on playing more throughout northeast Ohio, as well as breaking into Pennsylvania, and southern Ohio this spring.

Catch the Hive Robbers on February 11 at The Vortex in Akron, and find them on Facebook and for more info about upcoming shows. - Buzzbin Magazine (Katherine Fulton)

"Hive Robbers - Self-titled"

Eric Schneider | BSR Music

The term “indie-folk” has been thrown around a lot in the past few years, with bands like Fleet Foxes, Noah and the Whale and countless others taking on the title. So, when a local band comes along to release an album which is independently produced and has strong folk roots, how else could we pigeonhole it?

But here's the great thing about Hive Robbers and their self-titled album: You'd be hard-pressed to label them “indie-folk” because they are so much more.

Hive Robbers—consisting of James Dykes on guitar, Meredith Yeager on bass, Aidan Williams on banjo and Sam Langstaff on drums (oh, and all of them on vocals)—creates a soundscape rich in the influences of Folk, Rock'n'Roll, American Roots Music and even Old-Timey String Bands. Those who have been fortunate enough to see their performances throughout Northeast Ohio have already experienced the gritty-yet-polished “Appalachian Rock” which the band has made their trademark.

For those of you new to the band; however, you're in for a hell of a ride. Right from the start is a masterfully written song; "Counterweight," which is the perfect introduction to the album—I just don't want to spoil it here. From there, the listener takes a journey through love, lust and loss with magnificently-penned lyrics and beautifully grungy accompaniment, as well as vocal harmonies reminiscent of Ollabelle.

Some fans of their live performances may believe, as I did, that they seem to be holding back on tracks like "I Will Best You" and "Late on Sunday." But even then, the tracks "When I'm Gone," "Two-Five-Oh" and especially "Swans" will instantly give the listener a sense of the raw talent and emotion behind the lyrics and melodies.

All-in-all; if you're looking for something typical, slow, cute and “folksy,” then you may not like this album. But if you're like me and you want to experience this hard-folk trip through life's perilous avenues, then let Hive Robbers be your driver.

The self-titled album is available for purchase on iTunes. - Black Squirrel Radio (Eric Schneider)

"Review: The Hive Robbers"

The Hive Robbers - S/T (Independent)
Produced by Eric Vaught, The Hive Robbers’ debut long-player (there’s an earlier EP to be tracked down) is a rustic collection of Appalachian folk and windswept Americana. Of course, there’s a lot of bands like this around, but they keep things fresh by having dual frontmen, Aidan Bailley Williams on lead vocals, banjo, guitar, harmonica and keyboards, and Jimmy Dykes on lead vocals and guitar. They both write.

They’ve been compared to Tom Waits and The Decemberists, and both make sense, but there’s something earthier, less contrived about The Hive Robbers that’s extremely appealing. Both Williams and Dykes are skilled writers, bringing vivid imagery to bear, and no shortage of tunes. The rhythm section of Meredith Yeager on bass and Sam Langstaff on percussion roots the sound in rock and brings depth and intensity to their sound.

“Counterweight” is the first sign we’re onto something good. A lonely harmonica intro brings to mind Neil Young and Bob Dylan, before the yearning vocal appears. “Two-Five-Oh” is altogether more ramshackle but just as fine, with its medicine show buzz and wasted banjo accompaniment. There’s something of Waits’ “Swordfishtrombones” style about it, but more organic and wholesome. “Late On Sunday” gets into its groove early on and sticks with it. As the rhythm jerks and propels the track forward, the redemptive lyrics becoming more powerful with each line delivered.
Rob F. - Leicester Bangs


Still working on that hot first release.



Combining the blues rock of the Rust Belt with the twang of Appalachia, Hive Robbers hails from Kent, Ohio, bringing with them an array of sounds ranging from harmonica squalls to banjo drawls. Multi-instrumentalists Aidan Bailey Williams and Jimmy Dykes share vocal duties, while Meredith Yeager and Sam Langstaff lay down a freight-train backbeat.

Formed in the summer of 2010, the group has since released two EPs and two LPs, including their most recent album, Rusted Earth. Hive Robbers sound draws from a broad spectrum of influences, melding raw, American rock with folk ballads, country standards, and even gospel harmonies. With their raucous live show, Hive Robbers makes crowds shake their hips and raise their glasses.

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