HiYBRiD: A New Kind

HiYBRiD: A New Kind

 Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA


Out of the rivers of creativity and innovation emerges HiYBRiD. More than a band, it’s a group with purpose on a mission to encourage, inspire, and heal. Musical therapists with a healnotic flow of life to lift your spirit. Their sound will encourage you to live another day. Their presentation will inspire you to seek more and reach your dreams. It is a fusion of style, music, and culture. It is a HiYBRiD with wisdom to lead and a heart to serve.

Chamberlin, Flame Heart, and Wiskizard joined forces in 2009.
DeAndre “Chamberlin” Cole on vocals presents a call for a revolution of love.
Jeremiah “Flame Heart” Queen on percussion leads the march with precision.
Devin “Wiskizard” Cuffee on keyboards creates a mixture of style and passion.

Their spiritual depth and unique sound of liquid creativity will ignite you.
Their passion with excite you.
Their message will inspire you.