We play fun alternative pop music. Every song is quite different. Every song has a beat. Every song is fun. We all sing and that is one of the defining points of he band. There isn't just one focal point in the middle of the stage. Our music has to be seen live...please come along.


Hoarsebox are a four-piece rock/soul band hailing from Dublin. They have been together for two years and each member brings with them several years of musical experience and different styles. In a nutshell, Hoarsebox are a live band. With four members – guitar, bass, drums and piano – who all sing, the band are able to create a rich and melodic sound that incorporates rock, soul and ska. At every gig the object is to get people moving their feet as they watch the band sweat.

In terms of song-writing, the emphasis is always on the vocals. All of the band have been classically trained and vocal acrobatics and choral interaction are incorporated into many of the songs. Johnny Holden, 26, (vocals, piano), Max Carpio, 27, (vocals, drums), Kieran Walkin, 27, (vocals, bass) and Philip Broadberry, 26, (vocals, guitar) have already played all over Ireland including support slots with Republic of Loose in the Ambassador Theatre, The Walls in Whelans, Boss Volenti in McGorrigles, as well as headlining their own gigs in Whelans, The Mezz, Mantua Music and Art Festival, Soul 28 and The Castle


Due to launch our first EP with our new video on August 10th in CrawDaddy
New video is available on our MySpace page.
We have done a PODCAST - http://www.podcastingireland.ie

Set List

The set builds quite quickly is loud, fast and will get everyone moving. All four of us sing most of the time and every song has a beat.

1 Tales of the Workplace (Upbeat/Quick)
2 All I Need Now (Different/Good to Dance to)
3 Pain Got Too Much (Very Loud/Fast/Pounding)
4 Rosey Baby (Dance/Club/Funk)
5 This Club (Pop)
6 Best Intentions (Rock/Accapella)
7 No Pants Island (Single Release)
8 I looked the Wrong Way (Loud/Swinging)
9 Wine and Water (Dancey/funk)
10 Do it To The Letter (Single Release)