Hoba Hoba Spirit

Hoba Hoba Spirit


Hoba Hoba Spirit is one of the most well known World Music bands in Morocco, they are often on tour throughout the world.
Without complex, they mix the languages ??and cultures, sounds and rhythms, colors and flavors. A style, a spirit, ideally mixed between rock energy and rhythmic power Moroccan.


Hoba Hoba Spirit was born in Casablanca (Morocco) in 1998, and became a benchmark for the North African contemporary music scene in 2003, since its participation in « Festival Gnaoua d’Essaouira » and « Boulevard des Jeunes Musiciens » The band has often been compared to Mano Negra for its lively and colourful experience,
featured in the critically acclaimed TV show « Tracks » on the Arte channel, and was nominated as one of the « 50 personalities who influence Africa» by Afrique Magazine.

After a great performance at the famous Kennedy Center for the « Festival Arabesque : Arts of The Arab World » in March 2009, Hoba Hoba Spirit has also been compared to the Clash by the Washington Post.

Hoba Hoba Spirit has more than just 300 concerts in Morocco; they also performed numerous times in Algeria, the UK, Belgium, Spain, France, Switzerland, Niger, Tunisia, Portugal and the USA.

Hoba Hoba Spirit mixes North African sounds as well as Rock, Ska, or Reggae rythms to create a unique sound, « Hayha Music », which many like to call «Fusion ». They have
already released five albums, the last one created in collaboration with Justin Adams
(Robert Plant & The Strange Sensation’s guitarist, and Tinariwen’s producer). This album
recorded in Real World Studios was released in January 2010.


2003 : Hoba Hoba Spirit
2005 : Blad Skizo
2007 : Trobando
2008 : Al gouddam
2010 : Nefs & Niya