Hobo Fistfight

Hobo Fistfight


Hard driving, straight ahead rock n roll.


A band as unique as its name took over a decade to come to fruition. The mid 90s had Madman and J.Childs laying down the punishment in Detroit's infamous hardcore band, "TANK." Madman would go on to front the post-hardcore acts, "DIFFERENT SKYLINES" and "ACCORDING II ARIZONA" while J. Childs diverted his talents to "ALMIGHTY GROOVE" (Detroit based funk/jam band.) This era also showcased Detroit's power-rock trio, "GEARHEAD" which Jeff lead through 3 years of rawkin' the Midwest. Cinci Skip meanwhile was puttin the lows where they go in Detroit's own "BLUES FUSE". Somewhere along the line Jeff, Childs and Skip began to jam together, testing the waters of "rawk" as it were. The chemistry was undeniable and needed a final piece to complete the madness. It took 10 years but finally, Madman got a call from Jeff. That's all she wrote. Hobo Fistfight's sound is heavy, dirty Detroit blues with elements of rock and jazz tossed in where needed. "If Black Sabbath and Clutch had a baby, we would be that kid's drunk uncle. I don't know what that means but it's how it would be." says Madman. J. Childs keeps this train movin on the drums while Jeff and Skip slap the rawk all over your face with uber-catchy guitar and bass licks. Top this off with Madman's signature campfire-story-tellin' lyrics and truck driver meets southern Baptist minister vocal delivery and you've got; HOBO FISTFIGHT.


Live at the Old Miami, Jan 06

Set List

All original set list. No covers. 40-45 minutes of music.
1. Super Charger
2. Professor Peabody's Cure All Elixer
3. Soul Slinger Message Bringer
4. Ride'n the Rails
5. Vagabond Joe
6. Tales From the Old Pine Box
7. Headboard Catastrpohe
8. War of Lost Souls
9. Blacksmith Macaronni
10. Viking Gearhead Seagang
11. Rhino Summit
12. Absolutely Barking Mad